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I am currently OBSESSED with bunting!  What is bunting?  Well, let me break it down for you…they are super sweet little flags that decorate cakes, tables, parties, cards, etc.  I can’t stop looking at all the cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  From paper, to tape, to fabric, to wood…eeeekkkk…look at all those pretty little flags!  I have so many ideas…but here are just a few I adore:

This gorgeous picture backdrop over at Vintage Fern.

This mini bunting birthday card at How About Orange.

This super cute glitter cake bunting at The Sweetest Occasion.

This scrap birthday bunting by Made by Me & Shared with you Leafy Treetop Spot.

How will I bring these beautiful ideas into my life?  Well, this is what have I done so far with bunting:


I played around with some washi tape (here’s a site for washi tape that I LOVE) using these tools:

bunting thumb

and what might you ask can you do with it…well, let me tell you, folks :)

you can put your logo on it, like so:

or attach it to skewers & pretty up your plants, like so:

or let little miss V “borrow” it for the party in her “Little People” house :)

the possibilities are endless & the wheels are turning with the washi tape & bunting combo!


I ordered these from my favorite site, “Pick Your Plum”.  It’s like a daily “Groupon”-type thing, with all crafty & stylish products, every day it’s something new…LOVE IT!!!  So back to my wooden bunting, they are blank pendants for you to do what you want.  This is what they look like in all their blank prettiness:

bunting thumb

and this is kind of an idea of what I want to do with them:

Can you see what I’m dreaming of?

The plan is to “Mod Podge” (here’s a really cool blog about “Mod Podge” & creative things to do with it) fabric or paper to them and then connect them with ribbon, back & forth in size to spell out “HAPPY” on the big ones, and birthday” on the small ones.  I want to use it every year for the kiddos’ birthdays, so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel every year.  They are wood, so my thinking is that they will hold up for several years (here’s to hoping that my thinking is spot on – HA – it’s usually not – in reality I see this lasting a year ;)

You’ll just have to stayed tuned…to see what they turn out like ;)


And here’s the paper one I made last year for V’s birthday (can you tell she’s a YGG fan?):

Are you inspired?!

What kind of bunting will you make?  I would LOVE to see what you come up with!!! :)

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