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Piggy Paint is a natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic, hypoallergenic nail polish.  When I was first introduced to Piggy Paint I wasn’t entirely convinced of the whole “natural” fluff tag attached to it (I mean, we painted our nails with nail polish that came with our Barbies in the 80’s.  If anything was toxic, that sure was– my fingers should still be glowing!)

So, until I was at a store selling Piggy Paint, and they had these Styrofoam plates with swatches of all the colors painted to show you the colors, I was not a believer in said “natural” fluff Piggy Paint.

The store had one set of four Styrofoam plates taped together for regular (TOXIC!) nail polish & one set of four Styrofoam plates taped together for the Piggy Paint samples…WELL, LET ME TELL YOU…that scared me straight!!!  The regular (TOXIC!) nail polish ATE through three Styrofoam plates (I mean, when I say ATE, I could clearly see through the gaping HOLE, through to the bottom plate, OMG!)…the Piggy Paint, ummm…not so much.  I am now a super “natural” fluff nail polish freak!

  • Yes, the bottles cost $10 a pop, plus tax (YIKES!)
  • Yes, the nail polish wipes off if you make a mistake, with the simple rub of a baby wipe (or in bath water if not completely dried :).
  • And yes, the nail polish lasts all of 6 hours (or less) on a toddler’s little hands.
  • And yes, yes, & yes…I heart natural-fluffiness :)
  • So yes, from now on, little Miss V will only have Piggy Paint adorning her sweet little fingers :)

Here’s their website for more info:

And full disclosure moment:  I am not paid for my review/opinion of this product.  These are strictly my personal thoughts, feelings, and opinions on a product I love.

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  1. Hey Liss. I’m at work and finally had some down time to check out your full website. Naturally I follow you on FB and read your posts that show in my news feed but wanted to let you know I’m loving all of your advice and information provided on your website/blog. I’m totally going to try Piggy Paint because I’ve been itching to paint Ella’s little toes while it’s still warm outside. Any tricks up your sleeve on how to keep her still? Paint while she’s sleeping?! ;-) Anyway, just a note to let you know I love what you are doing. Keep it up girl! xoxo Hope to catch up with you sometime when you are back in DE. ~Robyn

    • Hey you!

      When I read your comment today, you made my heart smile Robyn! Thanks for your sweet, kind words (I think I finally, at my ripe ol’ age, found what makes my soul smile, and that’s a pretty good feeling!) Thank you for all your support & for pushing this butt in gear to get this blog up & running :)

      Hmmm…keeping her still? Let’s see. V sits still for painting of the nails, but when I have to cut T’s nails, I usually do it in the high chair & distract him with food or TV, and he won’t even pay attention to what I am doing, so it might work with Ella :) Or you could resort to the sleeping method – LOL! Hope that helps?!

      Thanks again babe for your sweet words :)

      xx ♥ m

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