thanks: Celebrating Memorial Day with the kiddos.

Memorial Day is usually a time we get together with family & friends and have a barbecue.  It’s a tough thing to teach the kiddos about the reason we celebrate Memorial Day, especially the younger kiddos.  It’s something they may have trouble grasping amid all the barbecue parties.  It is important to honor and remember those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom.  There are things to do with the kiddos over the holiday weekend to help them grasp the meaning behind the holiday like parades, memorials, and community events, as well as reading books about the holiday.  Sometimes in the mama world I get caught up in the red, white, & blue for outfits & hair bows, and for me it’s so very easy to forget what it’s all about and what it represents.

We will be grilling tonight, but I also plan on spending a portion of the day talking to V about what the flag represents and chatting to her about the colors in the flag (you know in a 2yo kinda way :), possibly going to a local parade, or watching one on the television with her.

I also whipped this little flag up in Photoshop for V to color & thought I’d share it with you to print it out for a coloring page for the kiddos to encourage conversation about the day.

And here’s the free printable :)

(click on the picture for a printable PDF file)

Thank you to all of the service men & women who have sacrificed their lives for my freedom; I celebrate this day because of your courage.

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