product LOVE: Cool Cones

Cool Cones are PRETTY DARN COOL!!!

I tried these out for the first time this weekend & let little miss V go-to-town with her frozen yogurt on the deck.  She loved pushing it up & down to get the ice cream.  It took her a couple of tries to get it, but after that she was SOLD (“more cream mama, more cream”…aww the frozen yogurt was melting & so was my heart :)  Now I would love to tell you that I made homemade frozen yogurt or ice cream from scratch (believe me, I would love to), but yeah right, that is not happening anytime soon…ice cream machines are white elephants, like bread makers, rice cookers, & s’mores makers…they end up in the abyss of darkness way, way, way back in the cupboard gathering dust.  So for me, non-homemade ice cream mama, I love the fact that you can just buy a carton of ice cream or frozen yogurt, and that it appears homemade – now that’s ♥!  All you do is remove the cap, pull the handle all the way down, & scoop it into the frozen yogurt/ice cream…and voilà…a magical treat for the little ones – or you!

I also found the best way to use the Cool Cones is to scoop it out before dinner, therefore tempting said kiddos to finish their din-din while watching yummy frozen yogurt/ice cream being scooped, and cap it off & stick in the freezer – reason being, it melts pretty fast, this way it will give them a head start ;)

Why do I ♥ thee Cool Cones let me count the ways:

  • they are reusable (YAY for saving the environment!)
  • they are top rack dishwasher safe (do I need to say more…this translates to less stuff you have to hand wash…YIPEEE!)
  • the push pop style makes it easy-peasy for the kiddos (little miss V is 2 1/2 & figured it out after a couple of messy tries :)
  • the cap doubles as a stand (you know so you can take pictures of it in my case – HA! – I can’t imagine that around youngsters that it would be standing for too long!)
  • they are freezable
  • you can make your own frozen concoctions, too.  Get all creative, man…you could use Greek yogurt, regular yogurt…make a smoothie & freeze it into pops…shove some baby food in that sucker & let the wee little ones go-to-town…see, so many ideas!!!

You can go to their website (linked below) & they provide retail locations to purchase them, but they also sell them on Amazon as well.  I purchased mine at Wegmans, a local grocery store :)

Here’s their website for more info:

And full disclosure moment:  I am not paid for my review/opinion of this product.  These are strictly my personal thoughts, feelings, and opinions on a product I love.


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