thoughts: New mama♥miss Format!

Why, Hello!

Has it been a week already?

Whew!  Well, I have to be honest here, although I took a blog vaca, it really wasn’t a “TRUE” vacation.  I didn’t go anywhere (good thing we just did that beach week so it felt kind of like a vacation :)!

I bet you are wondering what I did.  Well, try to contain your excitement here…I got caught up on some projects & some cleaning (what’s that, you’re jealous of my vacation ;)

  1. I had new profile pics done by one of my favorite people!  It was a little impromptu photo shoot that lasted all of about 15 minutes the other night in her backyard – HA!  I think they turned out great – I ♥ them – now you don’t have to stare at the grainy webcam picture of myself ;)  Check one out here, and scroll down to the bottom of my web page to see the other one :)
  2. I completed a guest post that will debut next week – EEK, I can’t WAIT – super excited!!
  3. I have been working feverishly on getting my Etsy shop up & running.  It will have all kinds of themed printable goodies & packages;  Kiddo parties, wedding announcements, baby announcements, etc.  My shop will also have the handmade flower headbands I make for little miss V, as well as some other fun things I’m working on too!  Soon, Soon, Soon! :)
  4. And…I actually sat down for a moment & came up with a master plan.  I put it down on paper (instead of writing it down in my head) and came up with a new format for mama♥miss that I am anxious to try!  I think it will work really well in terms of a little bit more structure.  It will be basically along the same lines, I still plan on doing a different theme each week, but now you know what to expect each day :)  So, here goes…




Whatdaya think?

There will probably be some tweaks along the way, until it’s fine tuned, but I think I may have a new format!!! :)

I’ll kick off next week, Monday to be exact, with the new format & go from there – YAY!!!  I’m super stoked :)

Stay tuned…tomorrow I will have a new yummy post for you in the meantime! :)

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  1. Love the new format idea! So organized, just what I would expect from you! :) Jennie

    • Thanks! I had to get organized sooner or later – heehe – you can only fly by the seat of your pants for so long before your pants fall off ;)
      Glad you stopped by my love & thanks for your comment! :)

      xx ♥ m

  2. I think that sound like an awesome plan! You are super woman to post so much great content all the time! I try to just do one project a week along with the link party and can’t even keep up ;) I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Keep it up, girl! You’re doing great! I really like what you’re doing with Wednesday, I always feel like I should do something more on the personal side but I guess I’m still just getting a feel for everything. I’m excited for Thursday too. And Friday. Monday and Tuesday too :)

    • Thanks Britni! You are doing an AMAZING job too – more than an amazing job – a SPECTACULAR JOB! There are so many blogs out there that, I like the content but I don’t like the visual of it, or vice versa, but girl, your blog is gorgeous in both aspects – I ♥ ♥ ♥ the design & I adore the content! Thanks for taking the time to comment – I really appreciate you input & thoughts :) I’m headed over to your link party now!!! :)

      xx ♥ m

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