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Mini Envelopes - Custom Designed Free Printables ©2013


So, yesterday I gave you the 10 Little Love Notes, and today, here are the mini envelopes to go along with them!

This is what I’ve been working on all week – I am soooo proud of my little envelopes!  I realize looking back, I probably did it the most backwards way possible, but with a background in fashion design I approached it by finding an envelope I liked and then taking it apart, as I would a garment!  (Let’s just say there are many deconstructed & seam removed garments around my house so that I could make a pattern out of them – HA!)  So that’s the approach I took.  I took an envelope apart, scanned it, and used it as a background stencil to draw a new one in Photoshop (see…I told ya I took the most backwards way to get to where I ended up – lack of sleep will do that to a mama brain…hehe :)  Oh well, that’s how you learn, by trying different methods to get to the same conclusion.  And I got the conclusion I wanted – FINALLY!!  Now can you see why I’m so very stoked about these little babies :)  And now that I know how to make them successfully, I think you can expect more little envelope designs in the future from me!!!

So, onward & upward, here’s how it works…

I have options – soooo MANY options for you – you can…

  • {get all creative up in here} – print out the blank template onto cardstock, then use as a stencil to trace the shape onto the paper of your choosing.
  • {make a pretty little envelope} – use the blank template and stick some fancy paper into the printer, hit print, then voilà.
  • or {easy-peasy it} – print out one of the designs I already created for you.

So many ways to make & use these mini envelopes!!!

Some good things to know…

  • these are mini envelopes – they will hold business card size paper (see yesterday’s post for some inspiration).
  • the envelopes will print out one envelope per standard letter sized page.
  • the directions for creating the envelope are on the printable, as well as some helpful tips.
  • some supplies you may need include; a printer, double sided tape, glue stick, scissors, and/or possibly a bone folder for card stock-type thick paper .
  • download as many, or as few as you like :)

And, here are the designs I created for you…eeek!


Mini Envelopes - Custom Designed Free Printables ©2013


click the set of words below to download the corresponding printable

{blank template}

{yellow quatrefoil}

{teal quatrefoil}

{gray chevron}

{red chevron}

{watercolor flower}


I hope you {love} these mini envelopes as much as I do :))

oh & don’t forget to check out the coordinating 10 Little Love Notes too.

Mini Envelopes - Custom Designed Free Printables ©2013

xx m


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  1. Thanks for printable. I love all of them. Can wait to print and use it :)

  2. Love the mini envelopes! So cute and well executed. Thanks!

  3. Love these, especially the colors. Perfect for the love notes you created.


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