sweets: Forgotten Cookies

Forgotten Cookies | @mamamissblog #meringues #chocolatechip #sweets

A meringue-style cookie with a little bit of chocolate baked inside – Forgotten Cookies are the perfect sweet treat.

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organize me: Trademarking Your Blog

Trademarking Your Blog | @mamamissblog #blogbusiness #giveaway

Trademarking your blog is important because your blog name is your brand; it is how your followers know you and recommend you to others.

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eats: Arugula Tortellini Salad

Arugula Tortellini Salad | @mamamissblog #quickmeal #simplemeal #kidfriendly #salad

Arugula Tortellini Salad is a tasty meal for the whole family that is healthy, simple, kid-friendly, and quick.  A perfect weeknight meal!

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create kiddo: Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint | @mamamissblog #chalk #homemadepaint #outdoorplay

All you need is a sunny day and a few simple materials to make your own Homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint.

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eats: Cheesy Rosemary Focaccia

Cheesy Rosemary Focaccia | @mamamissblog #yeast #stuffedfocaccia #flatbread #bread

This Cheesy Rosemary Focaccia is extremely simple, and made with just a few ingredients, you won’t regret diving in to this tasty flat-bread head first.

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eats: The Best Guacamole

The Best Guacamole | @mamamissblog #guac #avocado #sidedish

Simple to make, with only fresh ingredients providing the perfect blend of flavors, makes this guac, hands down, the best guacamole ever!

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little picasso: Art in the Garden

Art in the Garden - unique painting with herbs | @mamamissblog #plantaseed #herbs #paintingwithkids

Join me in the Kids In The Garden series with my contribution: Art In The Garden.  We are painting with various herbs in two different methods.

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diy inspired: Eighties Charm Necklace

Do you remember?! DIY Inspired: Eighties Charm Necklace | @mamamissblog #eightiesstyle #retro #eightiesfashion

Recreate your own Eighties Charm Necklace (with these simple materials) from your pre-teen years & rock it out loud… inspired by the best time EVER!

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sweets: Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Cups

Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Cup | @mamamissblog #reeses #chocolate #cookie #buttercream

These peanut butter cup cookie cups are a mouthful of peanut butter, cookie, and vanilla buttercream goodness.

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The future in planning.

Anatole France - planning quote | @mamamissblog #quotelove #quoteme #planning #freeprintable

With so many ideas floating around in this cluttered brain of mine, including expanding on my planner – I need your help with “the future in planning”.

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sensory: Bug Hunt Sensory Bin

Bug Hunt Sensory Bin | @mamamissblog #bugs #sensorybin #homeschool

We’re going on a bug hunt!  Create your own Bug Hunt Sensory Bin with black beans utilizing the fun & free learning printables I’ve created.

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sweets: Cookie Butter Muddy Buddies

Cookie Butter Muddy Buddies | @mamamissblog #traderjoes #cookiebutter #muddybuddies

These Cookie Butter Muddy Buddies will MELT IN YOUR MOUTH with deliciousness.  One handful is simply not enough.

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Standardized Testing Almost Destroyed Me

Standardized Testing Almost Destroyed Me | @mamamissblog #visuallearner #playmatters #kindergarten

And just think, it was completely different back then – I didn’t even have standardized testing at FIVE – in kindergarten!

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TogetherBox – It’s the Simple Things

TogetherBox – It’s the Simple Things | @mamamissblog #TogetherBox #familynight #familytime #simpleandfunactivities

TogetherBox – a brand new way to have family time.  Develop the mind, replenish the spirit, and enjoy the togetherness without all the frills.

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eats: Sweet Onion Chicken Salad Sandwich

Sweet Onion Chicken Salad Sandwich | @mamamissblog #quickandhealthy #sandwichlove #chickensalad

The flavor marriage of tarragon, lemon, and arugula meshed with the mayo yogurt dressing, is glorious harmony in this Sweet Onion Chicken Salad Sandwich.

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kid crafts: Washi Tape Snowflakes

Washi Tape Snowflakes | @mamamissblog #snowflakes #washitape #easykidcraft #wintercraft

Grab some colorful washi tape and paper to make these Washi Tape Snowflakes – the best part – just like a snowflake – no two are alike!

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healthy eats: Peanut Butter Cup Power Smoothie

Peanut Butter Cup Power Smoothie | @mamamissblog #healthyeats #CocoaVia #peanutbutter

Peanut Butter Cup Power Smoothie – It’s a surefire way to sneak in some unsuspecting veggies into your daily dose of chocolate.

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sweets: Peanut-Butter and Chocolate Heart Cookies

Peanut-Butter and Chocolate Heart Cookies | @mamamissblog #peanutbutter #valentinesdaytreats #classiccookie #dovechocolates

These yummy Peanut-Butter and Chocolate Heart Cookies will be hard to resist. Peanut butter & chocolate lovers unite!

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fave friday: Waterlogue App

Waterlogue App | @mamamissblog #photoapp #iphoneapp #waterlogue

See how to transform your pictures instantly into beautiful watercolor artwork with the new Waterlogue App.

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DIY Rainbow Loom Printable Valentines

DIY Rainbow Loom Printable Valentines | @mamamissblog #rainbowloom #loomcrafts #DIYvalentines

Make your own Rainbow Loom Valentines with these newly designed printables.

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Sweet Kale Smoothie and CocoaVia Giveaway

Sweet Kale Smoothie | @mamamissblog #cocoavia #smoothielove #kale

Rich nutrients from fruits, vegetables & CocoaVia supplement – this Sweet Kale Smoothie is perfect for a meal replacement or a quick healthy treat.

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Conversation Hearts Galore

Conversation Hearts - 25 decor, sweets, crafts & activities | @mamamissblog #valentinesday #conversationhearts #freeprintables

For something sweet to eat, or to make & learn – these 25 ideas using conversation hearts will give you plenty of options to utilize the iconic candy!

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diy: Playdough Creation Kit Valentine

Lollipop Playdough Creation Kit Valentine | @mamamissblog #valentine #homemadeholiday #playdough #createwithkids #kbn

What better way to ask your valentine to “be mine”, than with a homemade DIY, lollipop playdough creation kit valentine.

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design: Just Love Print and Love Wins Print

graphic prints for frame & iPhone: Just Love & Love Wins | @mamamissblog #valentinesday #freeprintables #iPhonewallpaperfree #justlove #lovewins

Place some love in your home and/or office with these free printables – a “Just Love print” and “Love Wins print”, plus some extras!!

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diy: Fortune Cookie Eraser Valentine

Fortune Cookie Eraser Valentines | @mamamissblog #candyfree #freeprintable #handmadeholiday

These one-of-a-kind, handmade Fortune Cookie Eraser Valentines are super easy to make, and a cute candy-free alternative for your perfect valentine.

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kiddo fun: Strawberry No Cook Playdough

Strawberry No Cook Playdough | @mamamissblog #sensory #simpleactivity #playdough

This simple to make (with only 3 ingredients!) Strawberry No Cook Playdough is a wonderfully scented new sensory material to add to your list of play.

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sweets: Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins | @mamamissblog #pumpkin #muffinlove #brunch

These delectable Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins are just slightly sweet with a tidbit of salty – the perfect combination.

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2014 Blogger Planner, Calendar, and Menu Planner

2014 Blogging Planner, Calendar, & Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #organize #2014planner

This new 2014 all inclusive blogger planner is stylish & functional – plus a calendar & menu planner is available for the non-blogger too!

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new year – new giveaway!

New Year - New Giveaway | @mamamissblog #giveaway #ipadmini

To toast to the new year, I’ve teamed up with some amazing bloggers to bring you a special New Year’s Giveaway to win an IPAD MINI!

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kid-made: last minute ornaments

kid-made: last minute ornaments/crafts | @mamamissblog #kidmadecrafts #kidmadechristmas #lastminutechristmas #easykidcrafts

Besides scissors & glue, all of these kid-made last minute ornaments really only need two, or less, materials to make.  Let’s get started!

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