celebration: Ice Cream Sandwich Bar

Create your own festive backyard Ice Cream Sandwich Bar for those little ones in your life.  Because life is messy, embrace the messy, with ICE CREAM!

quote art: {Dr. Seuss} nonsense

Okay, so I lied, I couldn’t help myself – still celebrating! Here’s a free printable I whipped up last night feeling all creative ;)

roundup: {Dr. Seuss inspired} activity & treats

Preparing to celebrate for Dr. Seuss’s birthday?  Here’s a quick roundup of some fun & quick treats for your tummy and a free printable activity too!

fun eats: {Dr. Seuss Inspired} Lorax Mustache & Truffula Tree

I’m not done with Dr. Seuss just yet ;) To celebrate his birthday for Saturday, we made these quick little treats – they were so fun, so quick, and so easy

idea collage: Homemade Playdough 3 Ways

I have been MIA the last couple of days because my little brother just got hitched this weekend!!!  Wahoo – he’s that last sibling to tie the knot. I don’t have a wrap-up from last week, so I’ll share some more from the wedding tomorrow :) So, without further ado…I thought I’d throw this post […]

busy bag: Popsicle Stick Puzzle + Free Printable

With a few basic tools plus this free printable, this simple to make puzzle for your preschooler is a great busy bag addition.