happy mothers day: I Celebrate You

Lives are not highlight reels.  They are the behind-the-scenes footage.

motivational monday: Graphic Print {nothing worth having}

Because Mondays…yep they need a good kick in the rear – haha & so do I! So here’s my weekly motivator. Today, it’s a {free} printable graphic print.

motivational monday: Chalkboard Printable {dance in the rain}

Because Mondays…yep they need a good kick in the rear – haha & so do I!  So here’s my weekly motivator.   Today, it’s a {free} printable chalkboard print.

chalkboard print: Be The Good

There was so much.  So much to see.  So much to hear.  So much to lose belief in.  So much to restore belief in.  Just so much.  I needed this.  You may too.

holiday: Valentine Roundup {Paper+Printables+Crafts+Recipe}

And, here is the last, last minute round up – more mama stuff with this one!   Some crafts, printables, paper crafts, & a recipe.

Our {FAVORITES} of 2012!

These posts were our favorites in 2012, we had the most fun doing, making, & photographing these.  Forget playing it safe – it’s all about taking chances!!

Top Posts of 2012!

Well, it’s almost here – 2013!!  Are you ready??  Here are my top posts that you guys have viewed in 2012!

Merry Christmas!

Sweets for my sweets – love you guys! ♥ ♥   xx ♥ m

Mom it Forward – Hand Out Cheerful Post-Its

This month I am participating in Mom It Forward’s 31 Family Friendly Holiday Service Ideas.  Stacy from Kids Stuff World came up with this great idea for a bunch of us to participate in this with her!  We are each signed up to do a different day, and today I am “handing out cheerful post-it’s!!! […]

acts of KINDNESS & LOVE for Sandy Hook Elementary

What acts of kindness will you do to honor the victims? I plan on tweeting #26 Acts @mamamissblog.
I also plan on handing out these cards to spread the 26 Acts of Kindness Revolution.

Day of Remembrance

If you’d like to join us in donating to the families of Sandy Hook Elementary… ♥ United Way of Western Connecticut ♥ Newtown Parent Connection ♥ Donate craft supplies, money or cards for creative kits for the Drawn Together initiative. xx ♥ m

Guest Post: Moms Celebrating Moms

Today I have the pleasure of contributing to a wonderful series over at The Pleasantest Thing called “Moms Celebrating Moms”. When I sat down to write my “Moms Celebrating Moms” post I had many moms in mind to write about. Besides my own mom…the first one who came to mind is my good friend and […]

celebration: Birthday Balloon Surprise – A Mission of Joy

  This past Saturday was V’s 3rd Birthday (yikes – I can’t believe I am a mama of a THREE YEAR OLD)!  All this week I will be sharing all the little details that went into her arts–n-crafts themed birthday party :)  The activities, the food, & the favors! ♥ One of my favorite things […]

mama thoughts: You Can’t Please Everyone.

  Real happiness comes from being content with your choices and proud of your choices in becoming you. I’ve come to some crossroads in the past couple of years in finding my true self. An awesome, amazing, beautiful friend of mine, got me a sign that says “Be Yourself”, as a present when I started […]

real life wednesday: Slowing Down

Sometimes it’s important to work for that pot of gold.  But other times it’s essential to take time off and to make sure that your most important decision in the day simply consists of choosing which color to slide down on the rainbow. ~Douglas Pagels, These Are the Gifts I’d Like to Give to You […]

weekly wrap: Pumpkins & Apples

So, here are all the fun happenings last week… yummy, tangy, and oh so good: a fun kiddo inspired twist on the tried & true: & another freebie for the kiddos: This week I’ll be lying low a bit, and here’s why… ~ Little miss V has a birthday coming up here & I need […]

weekly wrap: 4 Fall-tastic Ways to Welcome Fall

Gather some blankets & some hot tea. Smell the crisp air & feel the breeze. Put on your boots & jump in some leaves. But most of all  –  enjoy some Fall. Here is the mama♥miss weekly wrap – “4 Fall-tastic Ways to Welcome Fall”!   learning monkeys: Fall Leaves Matching Game sensory: Seek-n-Find Fall […]

thoughts: Feast Your Eyes

So, without further ado… ♫ ♫ Royal Entrance Fanfare ♫ ♫ (I thought it needed some extra panache ;) Here is my third baby, newly redesigned, more than half-way completed, blog! And here’s a quick run down to get you acquainted :) ……………………………………………………… The old – “Whatcha Lookin’ For” is now called “Categories”. You can […]

thoughts: From the heart today.

I was going to push myself to write out the cornbread recipe to go with the chili from last week, 100° fever and all.  And then I thought, why do I put so much pressure on myself to do these posts?  I know you guys like them, & may even love them, but is torturing […]

weekly wrap

If you missed anything from last week, here’s a wrap up of all the fun that was had last week at mama♥miss! Tuesday, I shared with you something yummy for these new cooler nights. My Favorite Chili Recipe Thursday, there was the first of many children’s book/craft combos. Paper Plate Cherry Pie and Friday, it […]

photo collage: Wedding

I have been buried in wedding lately and haven’t forgotten about all of you… The wedding. My baby brother. It was beautiful. It was on a lavender farm at the beach. The décor was very elegant, vintage barn-esque. With burlap & vintage lace runners, white linens on hay bales, rooftop twinkling lights, and mason jar […]

thoughts: On the horizon.

So, lots of cool things brewing in the mama♥miss world. Photography: My photography business is growing fast – I’ve just set up my first set of mini sessions, so if you live in the Northern VA area, be sure to check it out (specific details are password protected, comment below if you are interested & […]

weekly wrap

If you missed anything from last week, here’s a wrap up of all the fun that was had last week at mama♥miss! Tuesday, I showed you an easy travel bento – Edible Fun: Bento. Thursday, there was a learning tool at the table –  Dry Erase Printable Placemats. and Friday, there was an easy pipe […]

weekly wrap

So, last week it was all about COTTON CANDY – wahoooooooooo! Tuesday, it was light, it was fluffy, and it tasted like cotton candy…you can’t go wrong here – Cotton Candy Cake Cookies. Thursday, V got to play with some new swirly, whirly, cotton candy smelling fun –  Cotton Candy Playdough. and Friday, there was […]

weekly wrap

So, last week it was all about experimentation! Tuesday, I found a Nutella replacement with this cookie crumble… Thursday, V got all bubbly & squirty with vinegar… and Friday, it was a great quote turned into a fun printable :)

weekly wrap

So, last week it was all about some bread! Who would have thought bread could be so much fun?! Tuesday, we had boozy bread… Thursday, V got all fancy with bread… and Friday it bloomed into a mama activity with bread :)

weekly wrap

So, this is the first week under my “new format”, YAY! Well, since I was on vacation last week, I really don’t have a weekly wrap up for you…buuuuut not to fret…I have a fun week planned (it may or may not involve “Kool-Aid”…hehe…I’m experimenting ;)! So, I thought for today, I’d revisit some oldies […]

thoughts: New mama♥miss Format!

Why, Hello! Has it been a week already? Whew!  Well, I have to be honest here, although I took a blog vaca, it really wasn’t a “TRUE” vacation.  I didn’t go anywhere (good thing we just did that beach week so it felt kind of like a vacation :)! I bet you are wondering what […]

photo collage: July

Hey there peeps – it’s been a SUPER fun couple of months here at mama♥miss since I started this blogging adventure!  I am thrilled you are all here to join in on my fun adventures with my two littles & occasionally the hubs.  Speaking of the hubs, he may even have his own section dedicated […]

Wednesday window {8.1.12}

What’s been going on at mama♥miss this past week? Well, take a quick glance into my window & catch up :) Thursday, well, it involved some sand… Friday, V got to eat a tropical beach, trees and all… Monday, we took a ride on the subway…   Tuesday, our bellies hijacked some sand dollars…