be happy in the moment. this is your story.

It’s all about your viewpoint, changing your expectations, being at peace, and changing what is important – this is your story.

organize me: Trademarking Your Blog

Trademarking your blog is important because your blog name is your brand; it is how your followers know you and recommend you to others.

The future in planning.

With so many ideas floating around in this cluttered brain of mine, including expanding on my planner – I need your help with “the future in planning”.

Standardized Testing Almost Destroyed Me

And just think, it was completely different back then – I didn’t even have standardized testing at FIVE – in kindergarten!

graphic print – Live In The Present

Always looking to the future, planning what is next  – I tend to forget about the moment I am living in right now.  Let’s make an effort, together, to live in the present!

thoughts: Why Home-Schooling Is Right For Us.

So why home-school?  I could give you a thousand reasons.  But, this is why we are home-schooling.

diy: Project Life – My Beginning

Now available, and exclusive to Michaels craft stores, these GORGEOUS new Project Life kits are the perfect edition to your Project Life creations.

motivational monday: Graphic Art Print {beauty}

A lovely quote by Anne Frank & two sizes in the graphic art print today – woot woot!  Cause, sometimes you just need a 5×7, am I right?!

motivational monday: Quote Art {all that matters}

Because Mondays…yep they need a good kick in the rear – haha & so do I!  Here’s my weekly motivator or quote. Today, it’s a {free} printable quote art.

motivational monday: Graphic Print {choose the kids}

Because Mondays…yep they need a good kick in the rear – haha & so do I! So here’s my weekly motivator. Today, it’s a {free} printable graphic print.

happy mothers day: I Celebrate You

Lives are not highlight reels.  They are the behind-the-scenes footage.

chalkboard print: Be The Good

There was so much.  So much to see.  So much to hear.  So much to lose belief in.  So much to restore belief in.  Just so much.  I needed this.  You may too.

Mom it Forward – Hand Out Cheerful Post-Its

This month I am participating in Mom It Forward’s 31 Family Friendly Holiday Service Ideas.  Stacy from Kids Stuff World came up with this great idea for a bunch of us to participate in this with her!  We are each signed up to do a different day, and today I am “handing out cheerful post-it’s!!! […]

acts of KINDNESS & LOVE for Sandy Hook Elementary

What acts of kindness will you do to honor the victims? I plan on tweeting #26 Acts @mamamissblog.
I also plan on handing out these cards to spread the 26 Acts of Kindness Revolution.

Day of Remembrance

If you’d like to join us in donating to the families of Sandy Hook Elementary… ♥ United Way of Western Connecticut ♥ Newtown Parent Connection ♥ Donate craft supplies, money or cards for creative kits for the Drawn Together initiative. xx ♥ m

Guest Post: Moms Celebrating Moms

Today I have the pleasure of contributing to a wonderful series over at The Pleasantest Thing called “Moms Celebrating Moms”. When I sat down to write my “Moms Celebrating Moms” post I had many moms in mind to write about. Besides my own mom…the first one who came to mind is my good friend and […]

mama thoughts: You Can’t Please Everyone.

  Real happiness comes from being content with your choices and proud of your choices in becoming you. I’ve come to some crossroads in the past couple of years in finding my true self. An awesome, amazing, beautiful friend of mine, got me a sign that says “Be Yourself”, as a present when I started […]

thoughts: From the heart today.

I was going to push myself to write out the cornbread recipe to go with the chili from last week, 100° fever and all.  And then I thought, why do I put so much pressure on myself to do these posts?  I know you guys like them, & may even love them, but is torturing […]

thoughts: On the horizon.

So, lots of cool things brewing in the mama♥miss world. Photography: My photography business is growing fast – I’ve just set up my first set of mini sessions, so if you live in the Northern VA area, be sure to check it out (specific details are password protected, comment below if you are interested & […]

thoughts: New mama♥miss Format!

Why, Hello! Has it been a week already? Whew!  Well, I have to be honest here, although I took a blog vaca, it really wasn’t a “TRUE” vacation.  I didn’t go anywhere (good thing we just did that beach week so it felt kind of like a vacation :)! I bet you are wondering what […]

thoughts: 5 Reasons…I mean 27 Reasons Why Working in Retail Prepared Me for Motherhood

I had 14 years of retail management under my belt before I became a mama…and well, it got me starting to think about how the two are very similar…my previous career as a retail store manager & my current career as a stay-at-home-mama. Being a SAHM has nothing to do with propping up your feet […]

thoughts: You know you are a mama when…

Some call going to a tropical place a vacation.  I go somewhere else for my vacations…it’s cold, quiet, and the music will put you to sleep – HA – not really – but really?! You know you are a mama when…a doctor’s appointment is like a personal vacation. When the thought of going to the […]