be happy in the moment. this is your story.

It’s all about your viewpoint, changing your expectations, being at peace, and changing what is important – this is your story.

The future in planning.

With so many ideas floating around in this cluttered brain of mine, including expanding on my planner – I need your help with “the future in planning”.

graphic print: Love More And Fear Less

Love more and fear less.  Practice releasing your fears and embracing love with this daily reminder free printable(s).

graphic print – Live In The Present

Always looking to the future, planning what is next  – I tend to forget about the moment I am living in right now.  Let’s make an effort, together, to live in the present!

Happy 4th!

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

motivational monday: Graphic Print {choose the kids}

Because Mondays…yep they need a good kick in the rear – haha & so do I! So here’s my weekly motivator. Today, it’s a {free} printable graphic print.

happy mothers day: I Celebrate You

Lives are not highlight reels.  They are the behind-the-scenes footage.

chalkboard print: Be The Good

There was so much.  So much to see.  So much to hear.  So much to lose belief in.  So much to restore belief in.  Just so much.  I needed this.  You may too.

Merry Christmas!

Sweets for my sweets – love you guys! ♥ ♥   xx ♥ m

Mom it Forward – Hand Out Cheerful Post-Its

This month I am participating in Mom It Forward’s 31 Family Friendly Holiday Service Ideas.  Stacy from Kids Stuff World came up with this great idea for a bunch of us to participate in this with her!  We are each signed up to do a different day, and today I am “handing out cheerful post-it’s!!! […]

acts of KINDNESS & LOVE for Sandy Hook Elementary

What acts of kindness will you do to honor the victims? I plan on tweeting #26 Acts @mamamissblog.
I also plan on handing out these cards to spread the 26 Acts of Kindness Revolution.

wishes: Happy Mama’s Day :)

thought I’d share this wonderful quote…AMEN, Ayelet Waldman, AMEN! “Even if I’m setting myself up for failure, I think it’s worth trying to be a mother who delights in who her children are, in their knock-knock jokes and earnest questions.  A mother who spends less time obsessing about what will happen, or what has happened, […]