real life wednesday: Life Isn’t Perfect

I tried to distract, “Mama, I wanna color my toes with boo paint”

I tried to delay, “After dinner, sweetie”

I tried to do it instead, “No mama, I wanna”

I knew it was going to be a hot mess.

I knew deep inside I was cringing at the thought.

I knew if I didn’t though, I would be hindering her.

I took a deep breath, and then reminded myself.

I need to let her experiment in her attempts to be like me…then I need to let her be herself.

In typing this up, after looking at the picture, I decided it would make a great quoted picture for my wall (isn’t that the best, I thought it would be a hot mess & it actually turned into a perfect mess :)

If you enjoyed it, too, little miss V with her messy toe polish, here’s a free printable for you (sans mm watermark).  Enjoy!

What’s one messy thing your kiddos did, and what did you do to relax about it?

xx m

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  1. My daughter cannot color with anything but markers and she inevitably becomes the canvas…you win some, you lose some

  2. Oh that is the coolest quote with the most perfect picture!

  3. Awe, it actually looks adorable! (Easy for me to say!) I agree, how do we strike that balance for our children when they need our help but want to do it themselves! This was my biggest issue with my son (happily no toenail polish, not yet any way). It was especially hard as my son has Down syndrome! But I had to hold back and let him try it himself. I wrote a post about it here:

  4. Lovely that you put your child’s curiousness first. It’s not always easy to do. Such a simple post that speaks volumes!

    • Thanks so much Rachel! I appreciate your feedback :) It was definitely not easy to do – I was climbing out of my skin wanting to stop her :) Thanks for stopping by & leaving some comment love!

      xx ♥ m

  5. Love this! I might even try to replicate it with my own little miss’ toes! :) Lovely to have found your blog! x

  6. We used to live in a very small unit when Annie was a toddler, there was a teeny tiny backyard and I had a little easel I would set up outside for her to paint on. However more than anything Annie loved to paint herself and so we got used to stripping her naked (with sunhat still on) and letting her paint away exploring the colours. She loved it, kept her happy for hours and left me free to look after newborn Heidi.

    I have many photos of that time and whilst it was stressful trying to get her inside and into the bath to clean off with a newborn. Now I look back and smile, because it is so Annie, she loves messy play and feeling textures and exploring with her whole being.

    • Hey Marita! I love that! V will do that too with markers, color her fingers…and this moment made me realize that I should embrace it instead of stress about it :) Sounds like your next RLW post! Embrace the messy!!! :) Thanks for popping by!

      xx ♥ m

  7. That is the cutest thing ever! Oh my gosh that just made my day. She did a great job on her little piggies, and I can’t wait to have a picture like that of my daughter :)

    • awww thanks Britni…you know what, in the moment I had such anxiety over it, that I am so glad I took pictures in my haze – I really appreciate it now. It’s a constant reminder to relax about messes :)

      xx ♥ m

  8. Such a cutie pie! We have professional painters working in the office today and I shared a link to your post with them so they can download a copy for their wives…they will really enjoy that!

    • hehehe! love it!! love it even more that I got to quickly capture it (that she stood there for long enough ;)
      Thanks for stopping by Janet & for leaving some comment love!

      xx ♥ m

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