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Well, I had a FANTASTIC week/weekend!  How about you?

I feel like my weeks/days are getting better & better.

I don’t know if it’s the motivational Monday thing, or the spring thing, or who knows what…I will not question, but keep-on keeping-on…because whatever it is, it’s working!

Not only did I do the three posts I had goaled myself to do last week…I actually did FIVE posts (woot woot – feeling like a rockstar BTW)!

I ran THREE times (a MIRACLE for me)!

I finally have the classroom/playroom set up the way I want (I think ;).

My parents also came this weekend for Mother’s Day (YAY!), and I hosted a Mother’s Day brunch for everyone; my parent’s, the in-law’s, my BIL’s family, and my SIL’s parents – whew – it was quite the little soirée (and in hindsight – WHAT was I thinking?! My mom & I getting up on Mother’s Day at 6:00am to start baking & hosting an event – well, my Mother’s Day wasn’t very relaxing, but it was VERY fulfilling & wonderful)!

I think next year though, I just want to sleep in :)

Speaking of family time…this past week I was definitely trying to make more intentional time with the kids.

We did more than the usual playground time together, much more lap reading time, and we had more segmented learning time (all with no cell, or laptop – heck, I didn’t even turn on my laptop on SAT & SUN – quite proud of myself right there – hehe miracle #2)!

But, I need reminders!  Always have.  Always will.

So, it brings me to today’s quote…


Choose The Kids Quote #quote #childhood ©2013

I know it’s cliché – but it’s true.

They grow up so fast (I feel like high school was yesterday and I’m pushing 40 here in a couple of years) – and ya know what – work can wait, it really can, but they can’t.

So, there ya have it :)

So, my plans this week…well, same as last week I suppose, just trying to maintain & keep it all together while enjoying my family, myself, and my friends.

Speaking of friends – I’m hosting a Pinterest party (haven’t hosted one in FOREVER) this week with some of my local friends & some local bloggy friends (super stoked)!  I’ll be sure to take pictures & I’ll probably Instagram-ing while we are crafting too – so you can see all the cool things we’ll be making ;)

Well, that is all for today – have a great week friends!

oh – & I COMPLETELY forgot – this past Saturday (the 11th) was my one year blogiversary!!!! 

WAHOOO – tomorrows post will have have all the details on the bento boxes & bento supplies giveaway. 

So, don’t forget to stop back by!!!!!

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