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"Beauty" -Anne Frank {graphic art print quote} #quotelove #annefrank #beauty


Why, hello there Monday!

Man, if your weekend was anything as relaxing, and as hectic at the same time, as mine – then you are having a tough time back today, like me!  This post is late today because I spent the morning in the backyard with the kiddos playing in their new little pool with them :)  (You can see them here if ya want too – I snapped one for IG, for daddy :)

I am not yet brave enough to take both of them to the community pool by myself – the thought TERRIFIES me.  So, this is our pool fun in the backyard until I’m brave enough – lol!  And you know what – they were COMPLETELY stoked for this little pool – their first little pool all their own.  Even little T, my “afraid of everything that is outdoors & involves water” guy – I thought he would hesitate, nope he jumped right in!!!  There was even a nice little breeze (hey, a breeze when the temp & humidity is in the 90’s is NICE!) & though I intended to try to work while they played – I didn’t – I watched & enjoyed them :)  And I thought of all the beauty around me ♥

Have a gorgeous week!


~oh & before I forget to tell you – I have new changes today for the graphic art print – good changes!!!  So, I thought to myself, “self, why do you always make the prints 8×10?”…well, I’ve upgraded & hope to include both sizes (4.5×6.5 = 5×7 & 8×10.5 = 8.5×11) for you in the future :)  You can print out both sizes now – or just select the page (the size) you wish to print!


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