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So, I think I’m gonna start a new thing – let me introduce my cheesy-ness, shall we!

I {HEART} motivational quotes.


There. I said it.  It’s off my chest ;)

So, let me tell you why.

Well, I mean, who doesn’t love motivational quotes, c’mon, tell me I’m not the only one.  I see all these memes floating around on Facebook EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  You guys!  You love motivational quotes as much as me!  Maybe? ;)

And here’s the real reason – When I was my MOST successful on sticking to a healthy eating & exercise plan I NEEDED daily motivational quotes to keep on the straight & narrow.  I really don’t know if that’s the reason I was so successful at that point in my life or not – but it helped.  It could have also been no kids, a singleton life, and no other obligations to further distract me too.  But those things, well, yep, that’s not me now.  So we must go back to basics!!

I shall not bore you with a daily motivational thing, that just might become a bit too much.  So, during my bright-idea time, aka shower & alone time, I came up with Motivational Monday!  Wahoo!  Because Mondays…yep they need a good kick in the rear – haha & so do I!

So here’s my weekly motivator.  Motivational Monday take one!


Dance In The Rain #chalkboard #freeprintable ©2013


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  1. Thank you! I will leave it as a reminder by my desk!

  2. Love it

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