motivational monday: Graphic Art Print – Comparison {Roosevelt}

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Hey friends!!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve pumped out a post here  – it’s been kinda’ a little crazy around these parts.

To make it up to ya – I created this little printable for you :)

I’m kinda’ obsessed with triangle’s, and octagon’s, and well…pretty much anything geometric at the moment – so that will be showing up in my designs a lot.

I adore this quote from good ol’ Teddy Roosevelt.  Comparison is SERIOUSLY the ultimate thief of joy.  If we spend all our time comparing ourselves to others – our joy – yep, right out the window – (poof) it’s gone!  So here’s “my two cents” – a little comparison is good, it keeps us on our toes to be better.  But…yep a big ol’ BUT here…when we become obsessed with keeping up with the Jones’ then that’s when we lose us.  For me, as a mom, I try to remind myself – that no one can do what I do – I am original to me – my kiddos only want THIS mommy – to stop worrying about keeping up with everything (cause’ it’s EXHAUSTING) & just be me.

Whew – kinda’ heavy on a Monday morning eh?!

Well, have a wonderful week friends!

p.s. I’ve got lots of posts planned for this week – YAY!



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  1. fantastic quote! thanks for sharing :)

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