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I consider myself a sponge – always soaking up inspiration from anything & everything – my brain and my ideas are in constant overload.  I drew inspiration for today’s post/graphic print from this video.  It struck a chord with me, and I’m sure it will for you too.  There were tears.

I know I’m guilty of beating myself up on a daily basis.  Wondering how I’m perceived today & everyday.  Hoping that I’m teaching patience, and compassion, and love, and that they are not soaking up the other stuff – my fear, my weaknesses.

I fear that I’m not doing enough as a mom.  As a wife.  As a person.

I fear that I let my patience break too often.

I fear that I yell too much.

I fear that my reactions to certain things aren’t always how I want them to be – or how they should be.

I need to focus more on just being at peace.  Peace with myself.  Surrounding myself with love in all forms, and not worrying whether I am doing enough.  Because, the less I spend worrying and letting my fears consume me, the more I can spend on love, and being loved.

This is a mantra that I feel I need (pfft – I’m sure we all need it!) – all day, every day.  A mantra to love more and fear less.

Would you like a daily reminder too?!

Well I got all colorful on ya today & made several color combos of the same mantra.  Why?!  hmmm, why not?! ;)  And, well, I also love me some pretty graphics…ha-ha if you can’t tell by now ;)

oh & p.s. the prints are all in one PDF – just print the page/color you’d like.

Or hey, print them all – one for every room ;)

So I put it out into the universe right now…


Will you?!



Like what you see?!

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  1. Thank you so much for a such a lovely print! I will show you how I used!




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