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Pom Pom Grab |@mamamissblog #preschool #busybag #finemotorskills

One of the biggest challenges I face these days is giving V&T something to occupy them while I’m making dinner.  Preferably something for them to sit at the kitchen table and quietly play with, with no fighting, and so I can see them.  ha-ha does this miracle invention even exist?  My next goal – creating a roundup of such activities – stay tuned!  I’ll call it “Mama’s Sanity Savers So Dinner Doesn’t Burn!”.

If they escape my vision – one of three things happens (well, at least this week!) – one involves little T & purple marker EVERYWHERE – two involves V&T removing EVERY.SINGLE.ITEM. from their closets – three involves slamming and locking of doors and fighting/screaming.

lol true stories folks, I kid you not – if I’m not watching it’s like they are like wild dogs set free for the first time – they “play” with wild abandon.

This week I’ve had to add these little foamy things to the top of the bedroom doors, ban all markers to a very high shelf until further evaluation, and add tension rods to little T’s closet (to lock the sliding doors) & these plastic thingies to the top of V’s closet.

They are keeping me on my toes folks!
But, don’t worry – never let them see you sweat – I will push back – don’t mess with this mama ;)

So, let’s keep them occupied!!

Totally inspired by Jamie’s Claw Grabbing Machine post on her blog HANDS ON as we grow I created this Pom Pom Grab for V&T and thought I’d add a little more utensils to the mix to occupy the little monkeys for a longer period of time :)

Wahoo – totally genius – nothing like some awesome fine motor skill practice to make it happen!!

Worked like magic – dinner was made expediently – they concentrated – I concentrated = momentary perfection!!

Pom Pom Grab |@mamamissblog #preschool #busybag #finemotorskills

Pom Pom Grab |@mamamissblog #preschool #busybag #finemotorskills

Pom Pom Grab |@mamamissblog #preschool #busybag #finemotorskills

Pom Pom Grab |@mamamissblog #preschool #busybag #finemotorskills

Pom Pom Grab |@mamamissblog #preschool #busybag #finemotorskills

What you will need for the Pom Pom Grab:

  1. two containers for each child (I chose taller, slimmer ones so it made it a little more difficult)
  2. assorted Pom Poms
  3. optional: timer (to turn it into a game for multiple children)
  4. assorted tools

How the Pom Pom Grab works:

  • transfer the pom poms from one container to another using one tool.
  • transfer the pom poms from one container to another using several tools.
  • transfer the pom poms  in only certain colors.
  • make it a game between multiple children – who can do it faster?  – who can do it faster with a certain tool?
  • find different containers to mix it up – smaller, taller, wider, slimmer
  • have the children switch pom pom sets (T had a larger pom pom & V had a smaller one)
  • practice listening & direction following – “remove 3 blue pom poms” – “scoop out 2 green & 1 pink pom poms”
  • how many pom poms can you grab at once
  • counting the pom poms
  • sorting by colors and then counting the colors

Pom Pom Grab |@mamamissblog #preschool #busybag #finemotorskills

Want more pom pom & fine motor?!  There are a ton of resources out there – but here are some of my favorites touching on pom pom, fine motor, & grasping that I found…

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  1. This is a great activity. My kids love pom-poms. Thanks for linking to my post. :)

  2. Way to go, Mama! Keeping them busy! Must have really worked since you had time to cook dinner AND take pictures! ;)

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