busy bag: Seek-N-Find Alphabet Tube

seek and find alphabet tube

Well, what great fun is about to be had!  Here is a great tool to learn your letters & have fun doing it!  What more could you ask for?! :)

Soooooooo, I’m kind of currently obsessed with making seek-n-finds for V!  I found these AWESOME little plastic tubes at our local craft store – for a dollar (you better believe I bought a TON!).  If you can’t find these specific tubes, it’s really no biggie.  You can use any ol’ plastic bottle, an empty water bottle would even work – you would just have to add a lot more rice though ;)  This idea, I came up with on the fly, and if I do say so myself, it’s kind of genius ;)

I bought the alphabet beads and tubes at the craft store & used the remainder of the leftover “spring sensory bin” rice (note: the remainder that didn’t get sucked up with the daily shop vac sweep).

I keep this activity in my diaper bag, it’s nice & small.  It holds V’s attention when we are somewhere and have to wait, such as a restaurant, in the store, etc…

It’s super easy to make…you get the tube, you get the alphabet beads, you get the rice (it can be colored rice: see here for my kool-aid rice dye tutorial, or plain rice, whatever your little heart desires!), you put them all together and voilà: a Seek-N-Find Alphabet Tube!

A-Z Alphabet Beads

plastic tube bottle

colored or plain rice

glue gun



laminator/clear contact paper

dry erase crayons/markers

  1. Add the rice, a small amount at first, then some letters, then some more rice, and then some letters, and so on, and so forth until you fill the container up about 3/4 from the top.
  2. Only fill the rice 3/4 of the way – you want to leave a little room for some shaky-shake, it can’t be too hard for them or they may just try to open it up & find the letters that way -hahaha! Seriously, you won’t be laughing if it breaks open – I’m still finding random pieces of colored rice in unusual places).
  3. I hot glued the lid shut so that little inquisitive hands don’t try to dump out my beautiful seek-n-find alphabet tube I worked SOOOOO hard at making ;)

seek and find alphabet tube

I’ve also included a printable PDF file below so you can print the card to go along with the tube (see you have to make it now, I’ve done all the hard work for you. ;)

Just print it out on card-stock & laminate it (for it to stand the test of toddler time) or cover it with clear contact paper.

Another cool thing you could do (if your kiddos won’t go crazy with markers that is, and use them to color your walls).  You can use dry erase markers for kids or the trusty ol’ dry erase crayon.

What you might ask, is a dry-erase crayon?!  Why, it’s a crayon to use on dry-erase boards!  WOW!  They work pretty well too, we have them for V’s art easel.

So, this might be an alternative option for those days when the “Little Picasso” might be so inclined to give you a new wallpaper design in your living room – I know you are thanking me now ;)  But back to what to do with these dry erase crayons or markers! (I have a tendency to get side-tracked A LOT – it’s the mama brain, it’s all over the place ;)  Again, back to the point….the kiddos could mark off the letters on the card (if you laminated said card) with the dry erase markers or crayons…and then…wait for it…you can wipe it off completely for the next time they want to use it!!!! Yippee!!!!

seek and find alphabet tube


(click on the picture for a printable PDF card).

seek and find alphabet tube copyright


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  1. Great idea! I’m thinking it might also be fun to do this with glitter (my kiddo loves glitter!), if I don’t have time to make the rainbow rice.


  2. Nita Schobert says:

    I love this idea!! What kind of plastic bottle did you use for this project?


    • Hey Nita! I got mine at the craft store, but you can use water bottles too. Here are the ones on Amazon that are like mine —> {http://amzn.to/12c2pGR}. Hope this helps – sorry for my delay in responding to you :) xx

  3. OH MY! My little guys would LOVE this! So glad I found your site! You’ve got such great ideas. I’d love for you to join my Saturday Show & Tell; I know my readers will love your ideas too! Have a great weekend! :)

  4. I love this activity! It’s so simple to make and will entertain my oldest son. I’m adding it to this week’s to-do. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Malia! I appreciate the feedback :) It is such a super easy thing & I’m sure your oldest will have a lot of fun with it…my daughter; V is 2 & loves looking for & recognizing the letters :)


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