fingers & toes: “My Daddy Rocks” Father’s Day Activity & Printable

Let me tell you right up front that I am simply obsessed with inking up those little feet & hands and doing prints of the little ones.

I blame it on Pinterest & all the cute ideas out there – but this is an original mama♥miss!

So, I whipped up this little one (well 3!) for Father’s Day and have also included them for you to print out to use for your Father’s Day as well! (side note: they are all sized to a 5×7 – I like the extra wiggle room around the edges for the messy fingers.  Just trim each down to the 5×7 picture and place in your frame :)

YAY…homemade gifts are the best, plus those cute little fingers & toes.  You can’t really pass up an opportunity like this to dip them in some paint ;)

This is what you’ll need:

  1. the printable (see below), printed on a cardstock or heavier paper (thicker is better for painting)
  2. black & white paint
  3. a surface to mix the paint on (I used a foam plate), but hey, you could always be all professional & stuff, and use your paint palettes from the cupcake decorating too ;)
  4. wipes! (don’t forget these!)
  5. and some cute little fingers ;)

I mixed the black & white paint to make grey (I tried just the black first & I didn’t like the way it looked…it was way too harsh!)  I like it kinda “loosely grey”.  And what I mean by that is, the majority of the finger is immersed in the grey paint & a little sliver on the edge of the finger is white or black…it looks more organic & less structured on the paper, more like ROCKS!  Just print their little fingers on the rock images, to add ‘baby” rocks ;)  I did the first couple of dabs for V & then she finished herself & even got a little wild in the daddy print…aka the HUGE smudge on the right side!  The old Melissa would have stressed out & started over, the new Melissa, well, the mistakes are what make it more homemade & unique…and…I ♥ ♥ ♥ it that way!

So, relax, mama, breathe, & let them get all messy (you’ll have more fun & they will too ;)!  PS- don’t forget the smock…I call it “contained chaos” ;)

“Hear, hear!” to messiness!!!

And here are the printable images

(click on each button for a printable PDF file):


Also – make sure when you print the PDF – you change it to “print actual size”, which is the 5×7 – if you don’t it will print all blurry, like it looks when you open the PDF file :)

PSS…don’t you love WHERE you find the paint?!…(side note: V is currently OBSESSED with my elbows…I don’t know, don’t ask, she’s 2 1/2!  She constantly wants to see them…she says “mama bows”, and then giggles hysterically.  Apparently my elbows are HILARIOUS!)  In other words: grey paint on elbows!

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Please read here before you download any of mama miss’s PDF files…thanks, man!

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  1. Very cool printable. Will have to bookmark this idea for next year! Thanks for sharing.

    xoxo, T.

  2. LOVE this! I’ll be featuring it with the Kids Co-Op tomorrow. :)

  3. I like this. Hopefully the hubby & the Grandpas won’t check this out until after Fathers Day.


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