edible fun: Octopus

While doing our weekly grocery trip, my eyes ventured over to the pasta.  Now, so that you can take a little gander into the way I think, I was not peering at the pasta contemplating dinner ideas, no, no, no.  That is not how my mind works; I am constantly thinking sensory bins or crafts when I look at things (I know I’m a little coo-coo)!  Now, I was most certainly, without a doubt, peering at the pasta looking for funky shapes for sensory bins – hehe!  I came upon this pasta, it’s called Galletti, NEVER heard of it (it could be made up just to sound all fancy schmancy ;)  Well, not really…apparently there are over 600 pasta shapes!  Who knew?

So, I gave you a little sneak peek this past week on Facebook of this pasta and the possibilities of what you can make with it are endless.  You guys definitely had some great ideas that have opened up my imagination even further! :)

Here’s another peek at what I showed you…

And here is where my imagination led me…

This little meal includes:

16 pieces Galletti Pasta, cooked (tentacles)
8 blue strings Twizzler Pull n Peel (woven through pasta to hold the tentacles together)
1 Corn Bread Muffin (head base)
1 Sharp Cheddar Cheese Slice (letter “O” & circle on head)
2 Blue “O” cereal shapes (eyes)
2 Marshmallow Bits (eyes)
13 Green Beans, cooked (seaweed)

And where does little miss V head to first on the plate?

I bet you can guess…yep, the marshmallow bits! :)

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