playdough: Cotton Candy Playdough

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cotton candy playdough

Well, it CAN get better than CHOCOLATE Playdough, introducing Cotton Candy Playdough!

I {LOVE} making playdough!  And V {LOVES} to see what I come up with – “make pay-dough mama” :):):)

I used the same cotton candy liquid flavoring I used in the Cotton Candy Cake Cookies to make this playdough.

It’s super pretty & looks just like cotton candy, especially when you swirl the blue & pink together!

And it smells sooo good, too, good enough to eat!  But don’t eat it – ewww – and make sure if you decide to do this recipe your kiddos are old enough to understand that this is a toy, not food.  It may be confusing to them if they are too little (because I’ll tell you now, it’s nothing like store-bought playdough, and can easily be confusing to the young lads because of the smell & texture :)

cotton candy playdough




  1. In a saucepan, whisk together the flour, salt, & cream of tartar.
  2. Blend water & food coloring in separate bowl.
  3. Add colored water mixture to dry mixture and whisk until smooth and blended.
  4. Add scented flavoring.
  5. Place saucepan over low heat and stir continuously until it forms a ball – about 7 minutes (it will be impossible to stir).
  6. Remove dough from saucepan onto a mat and knead it several times while warm.
  7. Play immediately with dough or store in a sealed container for later play.
  8. Although it may be tempting – DO NOT EAT PLAYDOUGH ;)
  9. Seriously – y’all don’t eat the playdough! :)

Oh & if you have tried any of my playdough recipes in the past (chocolate playdough & kool-aid playdough), this recipe is different, just a tad.  I experimented a little.  The composition is a little more textured than the other two, but I like them both :)

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  1. These were featured today on Serenity Saturday Link Party @

  2. I love the colors – looks just like cotton candy. Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase! :)

  3. Mmmmm I love cotton candy. Too bad it’s not edible, lol!

  4. Love this! I am featuring it on my Kid’s Co-op Roundup! :)

  5. Hi, silly! You already know how much I want to make {and maybe eat a little} this, but wanted to let you know I’m featuring you again at this week’s party! :)

    • Hey babe! I “SUPPOSE” you could eat it if you wanted to, but I think the cotton candy cookies might treat your digestive system a little more kindly ;) Thanks for the feature mama – I’m so very grateful :)

      xx ♥ m


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