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Kid Made Heart Bracelet ©2013


So, it’s almost Valentines Day – well, not really, just in the retail & blogging world – we are full steam red & pink ahead :)

As miss V and I were working on several other Valentine craft projects the other day (and little T was snoozing)…this idea came haphazardly to fruition.  But, from my experience – the best things are those that are not planned and happen by accident (i.e. the cotton candy cookies ;)  With a few simple tools that, if you have a crafting kiddo (or crafting mama ;), you most likely have them at home already.



  • scissors (kiddo & mama ones)
  • ink pen
  • buttons (I used 4, all different colors & shapes within the same hue)
  • 2 small foam sheets (I used 2 pink hues)
  • ribbon

how to

  1. Start by tracing your heart shapes, printable here (if you need one ;).
  2. Cut out your hearts (we did two layers); V did one, I did one.
  3. Using your pen, mark where you want to insert the ribbon on both sides.
  4. Make a hole on your mark & push one end of your ribbon through the hole, leaving out about an inch.
  5. Once through the hole, thread the end through the buttons & secure with a knot.
  6. Wrap the ribbon around your child’s wrist to determine the size of the bracelet, then cut the ribbon & repeat steps 4 & 5 for the second side.


Kid Made Heart Bracelet ©2013

Kid Made Heart Bracelet ©2013

Then voilà, a fun little heart kiddo bracelet!


Kid Made Heart Bracelet ©2013

Kid Made Heart Bracelet ©2013


xx m

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  1. I have a little one who will love this activity. The foam heart will be perfect to write names on. Thanks for sharing. This will be a nice alternative to giving our friends candy on Valentine’s Day, :)

    • Thank you Jana!!! That’s a fantastic idea – I’ll have to keep that in the back of my brain to pull out when V gets to school!! I agree with the candy, if V could live off of gummies – she would :) Thanks for stopping by & your lovely comment! xx ♥ m


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