quote art: You Are My Lobster

So, this post is kinda of something I threw together last minute today.  As I was scrolling through my Facebook feeds & seeing all the Valentine’s Day love, I got inspired, awwwww!  My original post is now pushed until tomorrow (you’ll just have to wait & see, now ;)

I think I’ve quoted this a few times before, well, I call hubs “my lobster”, from the famous Friends episode (if you feel so inclined to reminisce – here it is for you :).

I do have to admit I have already watched it 3 times this morning – it makes me smile, because hubs is truly my lobster ♥


quote art: You Are My Lobster http://www.mamamiss.com ©2013


So, as I was watching the little clip over & over & over, I decided to  throw this little puppy together for him – I know I’m a cheesball ;)

And then I got to thinking, there might be a few of you who have lobsters too ;)

Lo & behold – a free printable just for you (& my hubs) of the famous Friends quote!

And the deets:

It is sized 8×10.

It will print out on standard letter sized paper.

There is a little leeway around the edge for framing (I’m off to frame it now ;)

And click here to print without the watermark!


Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies!


xx m

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