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Yay it’s virtual summer camp counselor time!  I, along with 7 other fantastically creative bloggers (aka camp counselors) (Jenae from I Can Teach My Child, Lauren from Tutus & Tea Parties, Jodi from Meaningful Mama, Asia from Fun at Home with Kids, Megan from Coffee Cups and Crayons, Mari from Inspired by Familia and Vanessa from See Vanessa Craft), will take turns featuring a kid-friendly craft or activity each week on our own blogs.  So I’m sure you are wondering how this can get even MORE fun?!

Well, you can link up your own summer projects too, that will be seen by Disney/Babble (and may even be featured by them)!!!  Wahoo – Let the fun begin :)  (just look for the link at the bottom of this post to link up your summer projects too).

DIY Homemade Sparkling Beads #diy #glitter #kidscrafts #jewelry
So here’s my summer fun I’m sharing with you today!  One of my favorite things as a kid were these AWESOME plastic bracelets I had – they were tubular and filled with glitter & water!  OMG – LOVED those bracelets – so much so, I wore them until the water dried out & all that was left was loose glitter!   ahhhh the 80’s & the ever-present existence of glitter ;)  Well, chalk it up to childhood memories for the direction this project took, because these beads vividly remind me of those bracelets!

So I ask you – would it be wrong for a thirty-something mama to sport these too?!  hehe – you just may see me at Target pushing my cart around sporting these new “ultra-trendy” beads ;) (cause’ I’m old & anything from my childhood is ultra-trendy these days – ummm neon!!)



extra fine glitter in assorted colors

bakers twine or string

kids plastic needle

clear contact paper

10 plastic drinking straws (with bendy part cut off)


DIY Homemade Sparkling Beads #diy #glitter #kidscrafts #jewelry

DIY Homemade Sparkling Beads #diy #glitter #kidscrafts #jewelry


  • Start off by cutting 10 strips of contact paper that are 5-inches long x 1 1/2-inches wide and 10 strips that are 6-inches long x 1-inch wide.
  • Remove the paper backing and apply the sticky part of a  5”L x 1.5”W strip of contact paper to a straw.  Roll ever so slightly. (A)
  • Sprinkle and spread the glitter across the exposed sticky part. (B/C)
  • Remove the paper backing and attach the second piece (6”L x 1”W ) of contact paper to the first piece. (D)
  • Tightly roll both of the sticky contact strips with the straw. (E)
  • Cut the wrapped straw into small pieces. approximately 1/2-inch in length, creating a bead.
  • Repeat steps #3 to #6 for all 10 straws.
  • Cut off twine in desired length for necklace.  Thread needle.
  • Thread beads onto twine and knot ends together to complete necklace.

DIY Homemade Sparkling Beads #diy #glitter #kidscrafts #jewelry

DIY Homemade Sparkling Beads #diy #glitter #kidscrafts #jewelry

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