2014 Blogger Planner, Calendar, and Menu Planner


Wowzers you guys!!  This is it – I’m ready to kick off 2014 with a bang!!  My very first blogging planner, calendar, & menu planner!!

I’ve been working like a crazy woman trying to get this up & running, so I’m hoping you’ll love it as much as I am so far!

I have something for everyone: the blogger, the mama, the foodie – the everyday busy mama!  I didn’t limit it to just blogging stuff – there are some fab bundles below for the non-blogger too! :)


2014 Blogging Planner, Calendar, & Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #organize #2014planner


Almost every time we do our weekly shopping trip I manage to stroll down the calendar aisle looking for THEE calendar – the calendar of all calendars that will keep me organized.  I buy so many planners that hubs has begun to tease me.  I finally decided to do something about it – make my own!!!  As a blogger, there are so many things I need to do on a daily basis to keep my blog up to date, that it’s insane to try & remember everything I need to do.  Now it’s all in one place!  And available to you too!!

I also reached out to my blogging buddies and asked them what they look for in the ultimate planner!  And, it’s in here – the ultimate planner!!!  eeeek I’m soooo incredibly excited to share this with you guys – it’s been such a labor of love creating it!!!  And not to fret – this is just the beginning – next year I’ll hop on the ball a little earlier, say in October/November for 2015’s set, not quite as last minute as this year ;)

So, how can ya get one too?!  Well, here’s how – with FOUR ways!!


2014 Blogging Planner, Calendar, & Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #organize #2014planner

2014 Blogging Planner, Calendar, & Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #organize #2014planner

2014 Blogging Planner, Calendar, & Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #organize #2014planner

2014 Blogging Planner, Calendar, & Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #organize #2014planner

2014 Blogging Planner, Calendar, & Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #organize #2014planner

2014 Blogging Planner, Calendar, & Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #organize #2014planner


And, I got a little crafty with the Daily Blog Maintenance page.  Hubs had the genius idea to add a second clear sheet (like the one used for the binding cover sheet) over the page.  I placed them both in the very back of the planner & had the lady at Staples add an extra clear sheet over that page – now it’s instantly updated – DAILY!  I didn’t want to laminate it & then add it to the binder because then I couldn’t add stuff to my checklist.  And, I really didn’t want to add 365 more pages to my planner – that thing would have weighed a TON!  So this was a FANTABULOUS solution!!  I just grabbed some china markers to use on the clear sheet & it works like a charm!  Genius hubs!!


2014 Blogging Planner, Calendar, & Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #organize #2014planner

And here’s the menu planner – I bound this one separately because, well another 53 pages in my blogging planner wasn’t appealing at all.  It bugged me at first that they weren’t together, but I actually like them separate now & am glad I don’t have to bring the whole planner on our grocery trips.

The menu planner I think just might be my absolute favorite… wanna know why?!

Well, it is a daily bane of my existence thing – I struggle the most with waiting until about 4pm to get dinner started.  I then instantly remember I was supposed to defrost something, or I should have put it in the crockpot that morning, or I didn’t give myself enough time to prep it – ugh – I always get so frustrated with myself.  Then I go searching for where the recipe is (because who knows what book I scribbled it from) & then finally find it and am reminded at 4:30 pm (you know the time that hubs walks in the door from a hard day at the office) that yes indeed, tonights dinner was an 8-10 hour slow cooker meal – and eating dinner at 1am isn’t really an option now is it?!

That’s why I made those three spots, defrost, heavy prep, slow cooker – now I can just look the night before to see if a certain circle is checked & know right away.  Something so simple I really think is going to be the game changer for me & our 1am dinners ;)  And no more searching for what book the recipe is in either – I now can write it down when I plan out the week!  Wahoooo!

2014 Blogging Planner, Calendar, & Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #organize #2014planner

2014 Blogging Planner, Calendar, & Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #organize #2014planner



If you are not a blogger but yet still want a pretty calendar, I have for you the calendar planner bundle:

2014 Blogging Planner, Calendar, & Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #organize #2014planner


2014 Calendar Planner Bundle – What it includes:

{31 PDF pages to download = 53 pages bound}

click on the image in the cart to see more page details including all page samples

  • cover sheet
  • 2014 monthly calendar (12 individual months)
  • 2014 monthly cover sheet (12 individual months)
  • year at a glance
  • to do
  • notes
  • 2014 important dates
  • 2014 dates to remember (2 pages)
  • step by step directions & visual layout on how to create it


A fab menu planner bundle for my foodies out there!  LOVE this one – I think it’s my favorite of all of them – can’t wait to dive into it :)  I created it to plan your meals, make your grocery list, then rip & go!


2014 Blogging Planner, Calendar, & Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #organize #2014planner


2014 Meal Planner Bundle – What it includes:

{2 PDF pages to download = 53 pages bound}

click on the image in the cart to see more page details including all page samples

  • cover sheet
  • weekly meal planner & grocery list
  • step by step directions & visual layout on how to create it



A fabulous blogger planner bundle for a fabulous blogger!!!

2014 Blogging Planner, Calendar, & Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #organize #2014planner


2014 Blogger Planner Bundle – What it includes:

{23 PDF pages to download = 93 pages bound}

click on the image in the cart to see more page details including all page samples

  • cover sheet
  • 2014 monthly blog post calendar (12 individual months)
  • daily blog maintenance
  • 2014 blogging goals
  • blog sponsors
  • guest posting
  • linky parties
  • ideas & supply list
  • monthly stats
  • monthly income
  • pinterest board tracking
  • update archives
  • step by step directions & visual layout on how to create it



Yep – there’s a four!!!  If you want it ALL – you can have it!!!  Here’s the the mack-daddy – daddy-mack of blogger planners/calendars/menu makers – the Complete 2014 Planner Bundle, which includes all three packages. (click on the image in the cart to see more page details including all page samples)

2014 Blogging Planner, Calendar, & Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #organize #2014planner


And here’s how to get them all…{for a limited time only – SUPER DEAL!! – introductory price} :)



So, you wanna make one just like mine, do ya?! ;)

Here’s what I used & what you’ll need to create this at home (please note, the directions for step by step completion are included in the individual downloads).

(ps – if you are going to a Staples or copy place to have it bound – make sure you grab this print release just in case :)


2014 Blogging Planner, Calendar, & Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #organize #2014planner

So, are you ready?!



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  1. Greetings,

    I am interested in the blog planner. However, I have purchased a planner that I wanted to turn into a blog planner. I like your pages and just find it easier to just get one big thing! However, I would need to resize it. Can I purchase a special order with the resized image? or If I download it am I able to manipulate the size? Thanks!

  2. You are one smart lady; this Printable bundle is beautiful! I love the sayings on cover pages. Never seen anything like this yet. I’ll have to look at this thoroughly and see if there’s anything that I could use in my “Homemade planner.” I waited too late to buy one that I had seen in November and didn’t buy it then. Come Jan.2nd. they were out of it. Story of my life; “a day late and a dollar short!” I hope you’re not selling your bundle too cheap for you to make a nice profit. That’s a lot of work, not to mention creative skills into designing the printables. I’m impressed and I wish you success in selling your work.

  3. Just curious if you printed this at home or had the pages printed? I purchased all the bundles before realizing there was a fourth option. I got a little over excited. I also didn’t price printing. I do not have a printer at home. I may be able to use a friend’s but I’m wondering if it’s cheaper to but ink and paper for my friend or just go through staples?

    • Hi Lydia! I did print mine at home, but I do have a printer & deemed it the most economical way to print for me – and it also allowed me to put it together myself to be able to tell you (my readers) how to put the pages together in the instructions. You would definitely have to price your local print shop pricing and/or how much the ink/paper would be for your friends printer. Since you don’t have your own printer it may just be cheaper to go to a print shop. And for the bundles… If you wanted the whole package I can refund the difference if you like & send you a new link for the full package all together – just let me know :) xx M

  4. I AM IN LOVE!
    Beautiful set! I can see so many possibilities to use this in my upcoming business- to keep me organized and promote my business (keeping social media organized) too!
    P.S. Found you on Pinterest.

  5. These are so gorgeous! I’m envious of your organization abilities! lol!

  6. Hi!

    I LOVE this! I am ordering the 2015 bundle. I would love to get the mid-year printables but couldn’t find a link? Can you possibly tell me where I can get it?

    • Awesome – thanks Jerodelle!! You’ll find them in the “shop” – just go to my header & you’ll see an icon for it :) I have them staggered & listed under the corresponding package. Hope that helps! Thanks! xx

  7. Um, girl! This is AH-mAZING!!! Found you via Pinterest. I would LOVE to prep something like this for 2015. Do you have any plans in place to release a 2015 blogger planner? If so… could you PRETTY please email me? lol I would totally order that baby!

  8. Hi, I’m in the process of putting my planner together, and I was wondering…were the tabs bound in with the rest of the pages? Or were you able to clip them in after binding?


  9. I absolutely adore this!! How incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for sharing. I am totally pinning this!!

  10. For the daily blog maintenance page, where did you find those clear sheets of paper to keep reusing that page? Also, what are they called? I have a lot of pages I want to reuse in my blogging binder, but I need to find a reusable solution! Thanks! — Allison

  11. I am interested in your Mid-Year All Inclusive Bundle. Is there a way that I could order that from mid 2014 to the end of 2015 instead of ending mid year 2015? Thanks!

    • Hi Michelle! Sorry, not right now. I only have the mid-year planner available. The 2015 version, when available in late Oct/early Nov will be the only one that will go to the end of the year. Thanks for asking! xx

  12. Hello! When will the July 2014 blog calendar be ready? Thanks!

  13. I’m so sorry if this is a duplicate! Is there a way to buy single pages from the blogger planner?

  14. Is it possible to buy just single pages from the blogger planner?

  15. Hi i’m trying to follow your binding diy directions but i’m a little lost in 1 area lol. Can you explain to me about adding the clear sheets to the planner, you mentioned you placed 2 in the back & 1 over the daily maint log? any help you can give me would be great !


    • Hey Emma! The planner has 2 clear sheets – one over the daily maintenance log (the last page) & one over the cover sheet (the very first page – to protect the cover) – does that help? Shoot me an email if not & I’d be happy to help further :) mamamissblog(at)yahoo(dot)com xx

  16. Hi! I just stumbled upon this lovely planner. Do you offer mid year options or discounts?

  17. I absolutely LOVE this!
    Is this only for 2014? Like… would I have to buy a new version of this for next year, or is there a way that it could be used repeatedly year after year? I would be very interested if that were possible.
    I’m preparing to move overseas for missions work (where I won’t be able to download/afford a new calendar like this every year).


    • Thank you Erin! It is only for 2014 – I will be creating a new design next year. If you’d like – shoot me an email {mamamissblog(AT)yahoo(DOT)com} & I may be able to work something out for you, for next year’s – a possible collaboration – a comped one for some social media buzz perhaps. Shoot me an email & we’ll talk :) xx

  18. Hi there!

    Is there anyway to buy this pre-made?

    Thanks so much!

  19. Just picked my up my blogger planner from being bound! It turned out fabulously, dare I say that I love it!? Thank you for the beautiful printables and DIY tutorial to make it!

  20. I’ve missed an entire quarter of this wonderful tool, but I just downloaded mine and I can’t wait to use it. Thanks so much for putting this together. I know this will be a great help to me and a friend I’ve also shared this with.

  21. Wonderful! Love it! I will be getting the menu planner ASAP! I think **hint hint** you should go a head and make a 2015 planner so we can give this beautiful planner as Christmas gifts next year to those wonderful women in our lives!

  22. 2014 is the year I am launching my blog and THIS IS SO GENIUS AND HELPFUL. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hereby pre-order 2015 as well.

  23. Thanks a bunch for organizing my blogging life! I can’t wait to get this printed, bond and start using tomorrow!!

  24. AAHHH this is brilliant and gorgeous!! I too slowly meander the calendar/planner section of every grocery store, Target, and Barnes and Noble, to no avail. Nothing has had quite what I needed, until you came along! It’s about time someone who uses a planner created one- thank you!! This year the need to organize my scattered brain has finally crystallized and finding this was super lucky- so now the well organized blog of my dreams can be real instead of getting crushed beneath my usual schedule.
    Now I’m just wondering if it would be more economical to print this out at an office store, or to print it out at home and only bind it there. I think maybe the quality of the pages would be worth the office store printing cost…hmm. I’m just not in a hurry to lose the integrity of the lovely pages you’ve designed by printing it at home. Thanks again!


  25. Thank you, just brought & printed off the Menu Planner, it looks lovely.
    Hopefully I can get organised now with meal planning (it’s all new to me)!

  26. I am totally freaking out! This is just what I need to get my life back in order! I didn’t realize that blogging would try to take over my life!!! Thank you! I came over from The Turquoise Home!

  27. I just downloaded this the other day and LOVE it! Thanks – this product is awesome, and at a great price point, too :)

  28. This is amazing!! I love having a planner and you have made the ultimate planner for everyday needs. I’m a full time student, engaged, not a mom yet though. But whenever the time comes, I’m going to make sure I get one of your planners or make one of my own with yours in mind! I loved it! Great idea’s also!

  29. Thank you so much for this!! It’s beautifully done! It will definitely help me get more focused and productive.. =)

  30. Thank you so much for this post and the fantastic calendars! I love them, I purchased the set and can’t wait to print them off and start using them. You put a lot of thought and work into these, I am sure they will help me in my scheduling.
    Debbie :)

  31. Gorgeous Calendar…

  32. Wow this is the neatest set of planners. Thanks for sharing. I’m going to refill my ink on my printer and get busy!

  33. Your planner to amazing Melissa! Thanks for creating it. Sharing it on twitter at #blogtacular twitter party and at #learntoblog HOA. Can’t speek praises about it enough. THANk YOU!

  34. Hi, what a terrific job you did. Looks fabulous! I have the same problem. Can’t find calenders or agenda’s that fulfull my needs. But I am still busy with the rough sketches. Reading yr blog inspires me to continue with mine. Thanks!

  35. I bought the blogging planner yesterday and I already love it. Love the artwork, motivates me to look at the pages, which motivates me to think about my blog, which motivates me to do things. Thanks!

  36. This planner is awesome! It has everything someone needs? Even if you are not a blogger, the blogger pages work for other social media sites just as well. And it is a beautiful design! Thank you so much for creating this awesome planner!

  37. I just had my calendar printed and I love it! It’s going to come in so handy. Thank you so much for making such a thoughtful calendar!

  38. Just downloaded and printed my blog planner. Just what I have been looking for. I could just give you a huge HUG! Thanks!

  39. If you’d like a review promotion let me know – I’d love to review it on my blog! lol
    What a lot of work but looks spectacular – I definitely need one – now I need to sell some ad space so I can afford one! lol

    found this through SM M&D on G+
    now following via Pint, G+, Fb & twitter


  40. where have you been all of my life???? that is the prettiest planner. I am so excited. I just bought the grand daddy of all packages and $7.99 is pretty much the same as free. I am going to have the prettiest planner at work. I am going back to work (ugh) but am going to try and continue my venture as a blogger and crafter and etsy-er as well. i truly appreciate all of your hard work. thank you so very much!! eeek!!! gonna print now. i just had to come back and thank you before i did. :)

  41. I absolutely LOVE your blogger planner! I think I found out about it probably around midnight last night and was at Staples this morning ready to have it bound up! In my opinion, the daily maintenance sheet is worth the whole thing! Thanks so much for taking the time to create it. I’ve got it scheduled to share all over Pinterest. :) Have a great day!

    xo, Laura @ The Turquoise Home

  42. Thanks so much for this Melissa! I love it so much, especially the monthly post schedule… so easy to see and plan. In fact, I’m using my new planner right now!
    Great job :)

  43. mama miss I love you (not in a creepy way) I just downloaded the blogger planner, it really is the best blogger planer ever! Totally worth what it costs, you can tell much thought and work went into this. Thanks so much for putting it together!

  44. I found this via Uncommon Designs blog and am SO excited! I purchased the Complete {aka Mack-Daddy!} bundle. I’ve printed and collated all my pages and am heading to Staples tomorrow to get it all bound! What a great packet you’ve designed! I can’t wait to get planning with it. Thank you, thank you!! ~Happy New Year!!

  45. My hubby got this for me and had it bound up beautifully and surprised me with it tonight! I just love it!

  46. Wow!! This turned out so beautiful Melissa. Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone, ordering my copy right now!

  47. LOVE this! It’s absolutely gorgeous and your tips for how to have it bound properly are so brilliant and practical!

  48. I love it!! Any chance you would be willing to sell the blog planner all printed up, sectioned and bound (just like yours?).

    • Thank you Tamsyn!! I don’t think so at this time :( Maybe next year if I’m able to find somewhere to have them printed & bound in bulk for a cheaper price – my printer at home I don’t think could handle all of that. And with the cost of me making it & then packaging & then shipping – I’d imagine it probably wouldn’t be worth it for you guys. xx

  49. This looks great, you must be very proud of it. :-)

  50. Melissa! You have seriously saved the day. I love this and will be ordering soon. Everything is just adorable! – Justine

  51. Wow! It’s all I can say…

  52. Oh my goodness. I am so impressed with you, Melissa, and I can tell how much work (and fun) you put into this! It’s truly the ultimate planner for bloggers, but my favorite part is that you added the “supplies to purchase” area for project bloggers. Wheeeee! Here’s to an organized 2014…

  53. Good work, this is beautiful!

  54. Love, love, love it!!!! Thank you so much!


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