kid diy: Summer Bucket List – Badges

Summer Bucket List - Badges | @mamamissblog #bucketlist #meritbadges #summer

So, bucket badges?!  What are they?!

Well, to be honest I created them as kind-of a visual accountable Summer Bucket List for my kiddos.

Inspired by brownie uniforms & their sashes – I thought how brilliant would it be to create something similar.  But instead of badges of “starting a fire” or “climbing a mountain”  (ha-ha you know, average things that a preschooler is able to do ;) – I thought why not create a summer bucket list!!

Our summer bucket list is a list of things we want to do this summer – our summer to-do list!  With the help of V – we created these badges with images representing our summer bucket list.

Summer Bucket List - Badges | @mamamissblog #bucketlist #meritbadges #summer

Summer Bucket List - Badges | @mamamissblog #bucketlist #meritbadges #summer

Summer Bucket List - Badges | @mamamissblog #bucketlist #meritbadges #summer

Summer Bucket List - Badges | @mamamissblog #bucketlist #meritbadges #summer

On the Summer Bucket List:

  • fly a kite (kite)
  • lay in the grass & watch the clouds (clouds)
  • go to the zoo (elephant)
  • lay on a blanket & absorb the night sky (stars)
  • play flashlight tag (flashlight)
  • care for a flower (flower)
  • go to the beach (shell)
  • create a self portrait (artist palette & brush)
  • go bird watching (binoculars)
  • cook/bake something together (utensils)
  • go on a family bike ride (bicycle)
  • go camping (tent)
  • go fishing (fish & hook)
  • go on a nature hike (leaf)
  • plus a couple of blank ones for you to make your own!

Summer Bucket List - Badges | @mamamissblog #bucketlist #meritbadges #summer

What you’ll need to create your own Summer Bucket List sash & badges:

Summer Bucket List - Badges | @mamamissblog #bucketlist #meritbadges #summer

How to create your own Summer Bucket List sash & badges:

  • Using your brown felt & fabric chalk, drape your felt on your child in desired way – creating a sash – mark with chalk as to where to cut.
  • Cut felt with fabric scissors.
  • Cut slit in back side to weave extra felt through (I also gathered mine into a girly ruffle to make it extra fancy – but this is totally optional).
  • Fit on your child to make sure it works.  If not, make adjustments.
  • Laminate printable badges (if using the “create your own” ones – be sure to “create” them before you laminate them).
  • Using your 2-inch circle punch, punch out laminated circle badges.
  • Attach each badge to an adhesive pin back.  You could also use Velcro Fabric Fusion Tape too.
  • When the items from your bucket list are achieved – pin the badge on!!

A wearable Summer Bucket List = PERFECTION.

Summer Bucket List - Badges | @mamamissblog #bucketlist #meritbadges #summer

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Summer Bucket List - Badges | @mamamissblog #bucketlist #meritbadges #summer


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  1. That is a fabulous idea! I love it! I hope I can get my…”stuff” together enough to do all these fun things and ideas I’m seeing everywhere!

  2. You are too creative these are genius!! & soo much better looking than our old uniforms!! I still have a stuffed “brownie doll” i handed down to my teen when she was younger. I bet she wouldve stayed until girl guides, had the colours looked this good then ;D LOL! Simply gorgeous! I look forward to printing & joining the FUN!!!

  3. What an amazing idea! I can’t wait for the Wee Monkey to be old enough for us to try this out. Thanks.

  4. Loving this! As a former GS, I still have a fondness for earning badges :) This is a great incentive for learning a few new skills over the summer.

  5. ;) Love this idea. so cute.

  6. Love love love!!! This is super fun!!!

  7. Oh my goodness, that is adorable. What a great idea! Love it!

  8. What a SUPER CUTE and creative idea! I like how you took the bucket list idea and made it into badges! Clever!


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