play & eat: mouse

What is a Mouse?   Well, according to the dictionary it is a small rodent that typically has a pointed snout, relatively large ears and eyes, and a long tail.  So, I thought, why not incorporate these small rodents into food – eh?  Fun with food – YAY!!  Well, according to mama♥miss a mouse is a […]

quote art: Roald Dahl

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fingers & toes: Flag Handprint & Song

Once again I share my obsession with you for inking up those little feet & hands and doing prints of the little ones. You can’t really pass up any opportunity to dip them in some paint – can you?! ;) There are simply not enough holidays for all this cuteness – so let’s do it […]

art & learning: Fireworks Coloring Page + Word Search

Party of three!  Party of three! Good things come in threes, huh?…”What’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” Well, there are The Three Bears, The Chipmunks (you know, ALVIN, Simon, and Theodore), Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, 3 ring notebooks, three little kittens that lost their mittens, the saying “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil”…okay, I could […]

create kiddo: Patriotic Pinwheel & Printable

I am currently in love with all things pinwheel!  And now, with the 4th of July coming up, this is the perfect time to create one! I think this may be the year…the year we do fireworks as a family (V is 2 1/2 & I’m hoping she won’t be like me)!!! True fact…up until […]

celebration: DIY “little man” birthday tie wreath

I adore wreaths!  I even have a Pinterest board titled “wreaths, wreaths, and more wreaths!” with 50 54 pins :)  Now, you would think that because I do adore them I might indeed have a new wreath every month.  Well, I don’t wanna burst the bubble buuuuut…my Christmas wreath sat on my door well into […]

fingers & toes: “My Daddy Rocks” Father’s Day Activity & Printable

Let me tell you right up front that I am simply obsessed with inking up those little feet & hands and doing prints of the little ones. I blame it on Pinterest & all the cute ideas out there – but this is an original mama♥miss! So, I whipped up this little one (well 3!) […]

busy bag: Pasta Bead Sequencing + Free Printable

So I figured I should probably hook ya up with an activity now that you have all this Kool-Aid dyed pasta in your arts & crafts treasure trove! This a simple busy bag activity – for the car, the restaurant, the doctor’s office, church, etc.…basically any place you need a quiet activity for the little […]

busy bag: Seek-N-Find Alphabet Tube

Well, what great fun is about to be had!  Here is a great tool to learn your letters & have fun doing it!  What more could you ask for?! :) Soooooooo, I’m kind of currently obsessed with making seek-n-finds for V!  I found these AWESOME little plastic tubes at our local craft store – for […]