celebration: Little Man Birthday

Little T turned the big ol’ 1 year old on Friday and we celebrated it with all things “little man” on Saturday with family and friends.

I still cannot believe he is ONE already!

Man, with the second baby it’s like time literally flies…it grew wings & flew away ;)  With V I felt like it took FOREVER for the little milestones to happen.  I was always thinking, “I can’t wait for her to crawl”, “I can’t wait for her to say her first word”, “I can’t wait for her to clap”.  With T, I blink and it’s happened…slow down, little T…slow down :(

Yet another reason I started documenting all this on virtual paper (not actual paper, because if that were the case I still be writing my first blog post – HA!), to provide myself a daily log of sorts, of all the things that are going on in the world of this mama, mama♥miss, and her little munchkins.

This weekend would not have been possible AT ALL without all the help from my knighted “assistants” ;)  Not only was I running around like a crazy mama, there was SUPER-daddy, SUPER-grammy, and SUPER-grandpop!  Without the help from my wonderful hubby & parents, I would have been crying in the corner in frustration :)


T woke up from his nap on Saturday to find the house full of family & friends there to celebrate his big day!  So many firsts; he opened his first million presents – spoiled boy ;).  He had his first taste of cake (yummy vegan chocolate cake) and icing – I was NOT about to introduce little man to his first egg on his big day – because that would have been great fun if for some reason he had had a reaction.  So, I took the route I did with V, 19 months ago, & resurrected the special chocolate vegan cake with homemade no-fuss whipped cream (super yummy by the way…I munched on the scraps ;)  It will be one of the tutorials coming this week! 

Just click on the title to see more goodies from the party…

1st Birthday Cake

Chocolate Vegan Cake with Homemade No-Fuss Whipped Cream

Chocolate Vegan Cake with Homemade No-Fuss Whipped Cream | Mama Miss

EASY DIY Free Printable Wreath

“Little Man Birthday” Tie Wreath

EASY DIY Free Printable "Little Man Birthday" Tie Wreath | Mama Miss

Bloomin’ Onion Bread

Bloomin’ Onion Bread | Mama Miss


Here are some visuals from the little man’s birthday bash.

I declare this week T’s birthday revisited ;)

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