create: Thanksgiving Wheat Bundle Place Cards

Nothing like pulling something out of thin air last minute…yep, that’s me…I do best under pressure with little time – HA!  I’ve ALWAYS been this way.  This one time at band camp…wait I didn’t go to band camp ;)  I mean, this one time in college…it was the night before a final garment was due (degree in Fashion Design, i.e. “the garment”).  I decided at 11pm that I was not liking AT ALL the way this dress was turning out…so at 11pm the night before my 9am class…I took the whole garment apart & started from scratch – Yep, I’m crazy!  But, you know what, it ended up being one of my favorite designs!!  So, there – I’ve always waited until the last minute to throw something together :)

So, why not decide 1 1/2 days before Thanksgiving, hmmm, let’s make some place cards – yippee!!!  (no joke – I literally threw this together during naptime today, creation to post).  I’m a little nutty, I know.  So, on to the good stuff…how cute are these little wheat bundle place cards?!  (And, here’s a little secret, you most likely already have most of these things lying around the house!)


yellow & brown construction paper


toilet paper roll


double stick tape

regular tape

plastic plant marker or popsicle stick

printed names or marker

optional: button

Step 1:

  • Cut a piece of yellow & a piece of brown construction paper in half lengthwise (this will turn your 2 sheets into 4 pieces).  You will only need 2 pieces to make one wheat bundle – 1 half of brown & 1 half of yellow.
  • Using one half from each color, cut slits down both sides of each color (just trim the sides – DO NOT connect in the middle with the cuts).

Step 2:

  • Cut off a 1 inch piece of toilet paper roll.
  • Open up the 1 inch piece by cutting it open.
  • Roll the piece to make it a smaller roll; secure tightly by wrapping tape around entire piece.

Step 3:

  • Lay brown paper on top of yellow paper.  Using double stick tape, secure pieces together.
  • Place TP roll on construction pieces centered in the middle (the non-cut part).

Step 4:

  • Roll up the construction paper with the TP roll inside.
  • Once finished secure the end with double stick tape.

Step 5:

  • Cut two pieces of twine approximately 10 inches in length.
  • Wrap twine pieces, doubled up, around the wheat bundle.  Secure with a knot.
  • Fluff top & bottom of wheat bundles to make them look more abundant.  It also allows for easier table placement.
  • Write on or print out labels to attach to your plant markers or popsicle sticks.
  • Wedge the plant marker/popsicle stick in the wrapped TP roll down the center.
  • Optional: thread small snip of twine through button to attach to label.

Oh, and while we are on the subject of table placement – check out these cool placemat free printables I did for the kiddos a while back.  It’s the perfect time for them to help you set up the kiddo table all fancy, too!! :):)

Do you have everything ready for Thanksgiving yet or are you going to throw everything together last minute like me?

xx m

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  1. Awesome idea! This is so creative. :)

  2. Very cute and probably a lot cheeper than the ones at paper source. Thanks for the tutorial.

    • Great minds think alike! I had no idea about the Paper Source one (had to google it!). What a cool little kit – man, I wish they still made them, because that would have been a little easier to buy a kit rather than creating them from scratch – LOL! But they were super easy – haha – maybe I need to apply for a job at Paper Source :) Thanks for tipping me off Megan :)

      xx ♥ m

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