My {FAVORITE} Books and Toys for Preschoolers

Around the holidays I often get asked by friends about gift ideas for kiddos.  My favorite gift is ALWAYS a book, but I will let in the educational toys every now & then ;)  So, today I’ve complied for you, with visuals of course, my favorite books & toys that are currently scattered about our house (i.e. played with & read often ;).

my favorite books and toys for preschoolers {mama♥miss} ©2012


I have to admit my absolute {favorite} books for miss V and little T, are sing-songy books.  If you are a tired mama like me (hehe…that’s quite an oxy-moron isn’t it?!) then you can appreciate the books that are fun to read.  If you can break out into a beat & move your legs up & down…book time is THAT much more fun :)

Here are some of my favorite sing-songy books that are gracing our bookshelves currently…

my favorite books for preschoolers {mama♥miss} ©2012

My Truck is Stuck! {Kevin Lewis & Daniel Kirk}

Duck in the Truck {Jez Alborough}

Miss Mary Mack {Mary Ann Hoberman}

Llama Llama Misses Mama {Anna Dewdney}

Trucks Go {Steve Light}

Jamberry {Bruce Degen}

Fat Cat on a Mat {Phil Roxbee Cox & Stephen Cartwright}

There’s a Wocket in My Pocket! {Dr. Seuss}

On to toys now…wahoo!  Well, in this house, educational toys are a must.  I mean, fun AND learning – it’s a no-brainer!  Let’s stimulate & mold those little minds, shall we?!

Here are some of my favorite educational toys that we are currently playing with & why we like them…


my favorite toys for preschoolers {mama♥miss} ©2012

Educational Insights Design and Drill Activity Center

* fine motor skills * sequencing *coordination *color matching

One of V’s favorites – she enjoys putting the bolts in more than taking them out – she hasn’t mastered the reverse drill as of yet!

ALEX® Water Flute

*music *sound *tones *whistling

This is a hit EVERY night in the tub, with both V&T.  This week T just discovered how to put it in the water & fill it up, then he quickly “flutes” as the water goes out creating a dropping sound :) LOVE this!!

I Spy Ready, Set, Silhouette

*matching *sequencing *patterning

V loves this game.  We don’t really follow the “rules” per se, I usually have her pick a card & then lay the silhouettes out for her to match up.

Melissa & Doug: Shape, Model and Mold

*creative play *fine motor skills *imaginative play

Playdough tools are a MUST in this house & these are actively & constantly played with.

B. Pop-Arty Beads

*fine motor skills *jewelry making *creative play

Because little T is still putting stuff in his mouth (oh joy!), this is a toy we pull out ONLY when little T is napping.  I usually have V play with it in a room where T doesn’t go because I worry about the small pieces left behind.  This kit comes with these cute little flower shapes that pop together making all kinds of kiddo jewelry.

Melissa & Doug: Magnetic Wooden Alphabet

*letter learning *letter matching *color matching

This is a personal favorite of mine.  We use these alphabet letters on our Magnetic Alphabet Board.  They are larger than most magnetic letters and sturdy enough to hold through the flashcards that are attached to our board.

Melissa & Doug: Fashion Press

*creative play *imaginative play *patterning *fine motor skills

Okay, this is another mama favorite.  Seeing as my degree is in Fashion Design & I had something similar to this growing up, this was a definite must for my little miss to have.  Good thing she loves it!  The super cool thing about this is you can always make it new…any sort of fabric scrap you might have will turn this into unending wardrobe play.

Well, there you have it!!  Our favorite books & toys gracing the floors of our house!

Please do tell – I need to add more to V&T’s wishlist…

what favorite book(s) & toy(s) are scattered amongst your playroom rubble?

xx m


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  1. LOVE your list of board books! Some of our very favorites like There’s a Wocket in Your Pocket and Jamberry! Love your toys too!

    • Thanks Mia!! Your vote of approval means a lot!! I LOVE Jamberry – that one is MY favorite!!! Thank you for taking the time to stop by & leaving some comment love too :)

      xx ♥ m

  2. I still like Velveteen Rabbit. I hope someday when they are older they will love it too.


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