ABC Alphabet Cards {free printable}

Well, there you have it, 26 pretty little cards all in a row.

Alphabet Cards - Custom Designed Free Printables ©2013

Each Alphabet Card is a 4-part learning tool…

how you say?  well…



…teach them their ABC’s in a fun colorful way.

Each card has a lowercase letter & the corresponding uppercase letter.



…line them up around the room and have them learn the ABC’s.

Designed with colors & composition that is suitable for the kids’ bedroom, playroom, (or your room ;), and not color defined, so they are for boys & girls alike.

For more inspiration…here’s how I displayed my old alphabet cards in V’s nursery (I just need to put up these new ones in her current room :)

Alphabet Cards - Custom Designed Free Printables ©2013



…laminate them and trace the letters using the numbered steps.

This is my favorite part! Laminate the cards & put them in your purse or diaper bag with a dry erase crayon, and pull them out as an instant busy bag learning tool.  At the grocery store (to keep them entertained in the cart – shopping in peace!), at the doctor’s office, at the post office…etc



…teach them basic everyday objects in a fun colorful way.

Each card has an object that corresponds to the card letter.

so are you excited yet?!

you can find these lovelies…

hereand hereand hereand here(1 more ;)…

and here from the 2013 ABC’s of…a 5-day series from the Kid Blogger Network!


xx m


There are also 70 bloggers of the Kid Blogger Network that are bringing you the ABC’s series.

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It is free to download at Adobe’s website here.

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  1. These are adorable!! I just pinned them to use with my kiddos!
    I also love your hover over picture Pin It icon. Would you mind sharing what plugin you use for that? Love it!!

    • Thanks Stephanie!! I’m so glad you can use them with your kiddos & thanks for the pin love too :) Of course, I’m all about sharing – it’s the “Pinterest Pin It Button For Images”, a WordPress plugin. Thanks for your kind words & for stopping by! xx ♥ m

  2. These are adorable! Although I certainly like them more than my son does (he is 4). Oh, they are so cute! Gotta find a way to display them…

    • Thanks Gina! At our old house I had my alphabet cards displayed between two pieces of molding wrapped around V’s nursery when she was a baby – it was super cute (I just added a pic above in the post so you can see). I need to recreate it in our current house with these! Thanks for stopping by & downloading them :) xx ♥ m

  3. So cute! Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing these! I’m not sure how I could use them as my little ones are not so little anymore, but I think these are just so sweet. Made me smile. Found you via Saturday Show & Tell.

    • Thank you for your sweet words Belinda!! I’m headed over to your blog now (BTW – I just hovered over your email & saw your header – LOVE IT!!!). Can’t wait to check out your blog too :)) xx ♥ m


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