flash giveaway: Pick Your Plum Box of Swag


Giveaway CLOSED.

Winner announced & contacted.

Congrats Entry #158 – Joi P!!  woo-hoo!!

So, SERIOUS awesomeness is about to happen!


Pick Your Plum is giving away a WHOLE box full of Pick Your Plum swag to one of my lovely readers.


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So, what’s a swag box?

It’s a box full of their best stuff.  Their swag boxes are C.O.V.E.T.E.D!  When they offer them every month or so for purchase – they usually sell out within the first 30 minutes!!



So, what’s in the swag box?

$25 $50 of surprise goodies, sent right to your door, from them (and the $25 $50 value is just the Pick Your Plum price – the real price is well over that!!!!)


So, what do I need to do to enter this fantastic giveaway?

Sing I’m a little teapot while balancing a spoon on your nose – haha not really ;)  I’m funny – no?!

All you need to do is head on over to my Facebook page, and go to the first tab right next to the “Photos” tab, labeled “Giveaway” – and you’ll see the Pick Your Plum logo – click there & follow the Rafflecopter directions!

See, easy-peasy, and no singing or balancing involved – well, unless you want too ;)

And if you are on your phone – go here to enter for the mobile version of the giveaway.

{giveaway update} So, did I tell you how awesome Pick Your Plum is?! They just let me know (are you sitting down?!) that if we can reach 300 giveaway entries before 3pm today, they are going to bump the prize up to a $50 value! Why 300? Because today is 3/13/13…it’s a good day for threes :) So share, share, share the giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahoo!

{update of the update – hehe} WAHOO guys & gals – just heard back from Pick Your Plum & the swag box prize is now doubled with $50 worth of goodies!!!!! So awesome – I’m so excited, can’t wait to see who wins a $50 box of PYP swag!

eeek! Are you excited?! I am!! (I only wish I could enter too – poo!)

Crossing my fingers that you win!!

Now here’s all the technical stuff I must tell ya…

  • The giveaway will only last for 24 hours, beginning at 7:00 am MST, so hurry – RUN!
  • In order to be eligible you need to have a US or Canadian shipping address.
  • Pick Your Plum will select the winner from the Rafflecopter entry form and contact the winner at the end of the giveaway.
  • They will then contact me when they have heard back from the winner, and I will then let you know.
  • FB rules state I cannot announce the winner on my FB page, but the winner’s name will be at the bottom of the Rafflecopter giveaway form under the giveaway tab (I will also announce it on my blog once it is over too).
  • Good luck!


xx m


Oh, and don’t forget to check out what Pick Your Plum is offering today!!!

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  1. What a great giveaway! Thank you so much! I love reading your blog (just started a couple of weeks ago) and I love PYP too!

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