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Favorite Series Board Books #preschoolbooks #toddlerbooks #boardbooks


To say that we are book lovers is an understatement x10!!

As you may have heard I {LOVE} book sales – so much so that…

  • I volunteer at a kids consignment shop once a week just to have access to the new ones coming in, oh & a discount of course ;)
  • at the kids consignment pop-up sales, I volunteer so that I can shop before the public, and I still arrive HOURS early to get first in line so I can RUN to the educational stuff & books – wahoooooo!
  • my in-laws volunteer at a library, which allows me early access to the book sales!

See, I’m a book nut (& I’ve even created little book nuts)!!!  So I thought, hmmm, why not delve into the mind of V&T and tell you what their absolute FAVORITE series board books that we have been collecting (and are still collecting ;)!

These books are brought out to read as a series, not just one or two a time, mind you!  Miss V (& sometimes little T) will carry the huge stack of books to me (or the hubs), and plop them down and insist they be read – ALL OF THEM!  But that’s okay – these books are really fun to read!!  Some of these collections have 10+ in the series & some only have a few – but either way – these are our most coveted “series books” at the moment – that are perfect for toddlers & preschoolers alike!

(oh & p.s….Leslie Patricelli has a super cool website, with coloring pages, games, activities and all kinds of fun stuff to go along with the books – be sure to check it out too!!)

Favorite Series Board Books #preschoolbooks #toddlerbooks #boardbooks

Leslie Patricelli Books here

Favorite Series Board Books #preschoolbooks #toddlerbooks #boardbooks

Sloane Tanen’s “Coco Series” Books here

Favorite Series Board Books #preschoolbooks #toddlerbooks #boardbooks

Fiona Watt’s “That’s Not My…Series” Books here

Favorite Series Board Books #preschoolbooks #toddlerbooks #boardbooks

J.D. Lester Books here

Favorite Series Board Books #preschoolbooks #toddlerbooks #boardbooks

Hoberman/Westcott Books here

What are your favorite toddler/preschooler series books?

I would love to hear!!  (we can always add to our collection – wink wink – it’s not like our bookshelves are overflowing YET :)

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  1. We really like all the books by Sandra Boynton too especially the “Pookie” books.

  2. So excited to try these! My kiddos LOVE books too. Our hands down favorite would be Sandra Boynton’s Books: Snuggle Puppy, But Not the Hippopotamus, The Good Night Book…etc.
    Not a board book but a series my boys can’t get enough of is Curious George.

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