2014-2015 MID YEAR Blogger Planner, Calendar, and Menu Planner

2014-2015 MID YEAR Blogger Planner, Calendar, and Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #bloggertools #organize #midyearplanner

It’s HERE – the 2014-2015 MID YEAR Blogger Planner, Calendar, and Menu Planner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I’ve updated some pages & included FIVE new pages!!!

If you’re late to the game – here’s my original planner & what these new pages are added to.

2014 Blogger Planner, Calendar, and Menu Planner

  • Daily Maintenance page update (included in the all-inclusive bundle & blogger bundle).

Due to popular demand I created a blank “other” section, and added an even amount of extra spaces for social media and more spaces for “blog” :)

2014-2015 MID YEAR Blogger Planner, Calendar, and Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #bloggertools #organize #midyearplanner

NEW pages…

1. & 2.  COMPREHENSIVE LIST holidays/seasonal 2014-2015 (included in the all-inclusive bundle & calendar bundle)

A comprehensive list of holidays including, government, religious, silly, & nationally celebrated weeks, months, & days.

2014-2015 MID YEAR Blogger Planner, Calendar, and Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #bloggertools #organize #midyearplanner

3. & 4.  SEASONAL THEME IDEAS – writing prompts  (included in the all-inclusive bundle & blogger bundle)

We all need a little inspiration or ideas to get the blogging mojo going every month –  I’ve included words/moments which will spark ideas for recipes, printables, designs, DIY, quotes, learning, teaching, writing topics, roundups, holidays, themes, & thematic units.

2014-2015 MID YEAR Blogger Planner, Calendar, and Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #bloggertools #organize #midyearplanner

5. Giveaway tracker (included in the all-inclusive bundle & blogger bundle)

Track all those giveaways now in one easy form – print out as many as you need – one for each giveaway!

2014-2015 MID YEAR Blogger Planner, Calendar, and Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #bloggertools #organize #midyearplanner

As before, the 2014-2015 MID YEAR Blogger Planners, Calendars, and Menu Planners are available 4 ways.

2014-15 Mid-Year Menu Planner Bundle

2014-2015 MID YEAR Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #bloggertools #organize #midyearplanner

2014-15 Mid-Year Calendar Planner Bundle

2014-2015 MID YEAR Calendar Planner | @mamamissblog #bloggertools #organize #midyearplanner

2014-15 Mid-Year Blogger Planner Bundle

2014-2015 MID YEAR Blogger Planner | @mamamissblog #bloggertools #organize #midyearplanner

2014-15 Mid-Year All-Inclusive Calendar, Planner, and Menu Bundle (all three in one package!!)

2014-2015 MID YEAR Blogger Planner, Calendar, and Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #bloggertools #organize #midyearplanner

So, are you ready?!

And want to put it together the way I did?

Here’s what I used & what you’ll need to create this at home (please note, the directions for step by step completion are included in the individual downloads).

Here’s my original planner if you’d like to see some more pictures too..

2014 Blogger Planner, Calendar, and Menu Planner

And be sure to check out the other planners and printables in my shop too!

(ps – if you are going to a Staples or copy place to have it bound – make sure you grab this print release just in case :)

2014-2015 MID YEAR Blogger Planner, Calendar, and Menu Planner | @mamamissblog #bloggertools #organize #midyearplanner

Like what you see?!

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  1. Hi Melissa!

    I was about to click buy as I noticed you wrote to sb up in the comments, that you’d be releasing a 2015 calendar in the early weeks of November! When should I check back then?

    Thank you for the wonderful planner, I literally can’t wait to get my hands on it! :)))

  2. So does the calendar have the monthly sheets for all of 2015? Or are you going to be doing one for the whole 2015 year later? I have the 2014 one and LOVE it and am excited to get one for 2015!!

    • Hi Nicole! The mid-year planner goes from July 2014 through June 2015. The full calendar year of 2015 (January 2015-December 2015) will be released in early November 2014. The mid-year was created because of a high demand of bloggers discovering it mid-year & the 2014 mostly over. Every year I will have a full year & a mid year. Make sure you subscribe to the blog & you’ll know as soon as I post it :) Thanks!! xx

  3. Downloaded your lovely blog planner. Thank you for thinking of such specific tracking pages! Can’t wait to be more organized. :)

  4. Brittney Jacoves says:

    Love the Blog Planner! Just starting to get mine up and running and it is going to be such a big help. One question. What do you use the Pinterest Board Tracking sheet for? Is it so when you pin something you can find it again later?

    • Thanks Brittney! It’s to keep track of the multiple boards that you that pin to. For example, my blueberry muffins I might pin to my muffin pinboard, my desserts pinboard, & my brunch pinboard – I don’t pin them all at the exact same time so I don’t bombard my followers, I keep track of them in the planner & space the pins out :) Hope that explains it a little better. xx M

      • Hi Melissa, can this print in A5 size? Thanks!

      • Hi Sophie!

        I am not sure – if you want to try & print them that way – you can let me know how it goes. I know you can always adjust the sizes for printing a PDF but I’m not sure how small it would make the print & if it would be legible?! If you’d like to try & it doesn’t work, I’d be happy to give you a full refund – just shoot me an email & let me know the outcome :) It’s up to you though – I’ve never tried it myself, so I’m not really sure. Just keep me updated & let me know if you do purchase it & it doesn’t work! xx

  5. Melissa Stockton says:

    Thank you so very much for this planner! I was getting so overwhelmed between work, home, kiddos, and the hubby and I NEEDED something like this!! I can’t wait to get it all set up!!!

  6. I’m so happy to see you came out with a mid-year version, I’m about to click buy. I pinned a link to your blogger planner awhile back, but didn’t buy because I was already a few months late in the year. I think it’s a fantastic layout (& motivationally cute!) and I can’t wait to start using it.



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