2015 Blogger Planner – coming soon

It’s that time again friends!  I’ve started the creation process of the 2015 Blogger Planner, Calendar, & Menu planners!  I will be spend the majority of this month creating these planners for them to debut at the beginning of November!

WOW – can’t believe it’s that time again!!


2015 Blogger Planner – coming soon | @mamamissblog #bloggerplanner #blogtips #calendar


And not to fret if you just bought the mid-year Blogger Planner.  From this point forward I will be publishing a full calendar year Blogger Planner & a mid-year Blogger Planner– so, while I’m creating the 2015 full year one now, I’ll be debuting the 2015/2016 mid year one around May 2016.  So, whether you already have the full calendar year or the mid-year – you will have the opportunity to continue with the next one, in order :)


What can you expect in the 2015 Blogger Planner?

Well, all the new sheets I debuted for the mid-year, plus I’m sure there will be a couple more that I’ve come up with this year as the wheels were turning.


Do you have an idea for a sheet that you’d like to have for the 2015 Blogger Planner?

Was there a part of the 2014 Blogger Planner that needed to be adjusted with an extra column or idea?

I would love your input!! Now, I can’t promise everything – but if it fits the majority (because I have to create for the masses – all bloggers – fashion, DIY, mom, lifestyle, foodie, etc.) you may just well see it in the 2015 planner!!

Add your input here.


mwah – thank you, thank you, thank you – I’m so excited to dive in & present to you an amazing 2015 Blogger Planner in November!

Like what you see?!

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  1. So excited!!! I cannot wait to see it!!

  2. I don’t have any suggestions yet. I am still so new to blogging that I am still learning. I am excited to see what the more experienced bloggers say and see the changes. I LOVE mine.

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