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Celebrate the MOOSESTACHE with a simple & hilarious Moosetache Activity - let the laughs commence! From @mamamissblog


Who doesn’t love a mustache activity?!


For the past two year’s we’ve participated in Booking Across the USA that Growing Book by Book has hosted.  In 2013 & 2014 we researched and crafted about Delaware, my home state with a mobile & necklace.  And this year I am back, but I’m representing my current state of Virginia for Booking Across the USA – trip 3!

It’s no secret I’m drawn to the visual side of things – illustrations, artwork, colors – they fill my bucket, oh so much.  This year for the project, we are researching a children’s author or illustrator that was born in the state, lived in the state or currently lives in the state.  In my research I came across Henry Cole, an illustrator that was born in, and grew up in Virginia – and STILL lives in Virginia.

Henry Cole is the illustrator of one our all time favorite books EVER – Moosetache.  His illustrations are so fun and are the key to the story, they completely tell the story with their quirky drawings.  Now, Moosetache isn’t just the only one in his moose-ariffic series – the story continues with Moosekitos and Mooseltoe.

A fun little tidbit about Henry Cole

Before he was an illustrator, he taught science at an elementary school and collaborated with the school’s librarian, Pamela Duncan Edwards, on their first book.  Their first book, Some Smug Slug, was published in 1996. (*ref Wikipedia)  Since then he’s illustrated several books, SEVERAL of which we already own & had no idea they were his illustrations (no wonder I was drawn to them!!).  Some of our other favorites that he has illustrated are Clara Caterpillar (which funny enough, I just read last week for my butterfly themed homeschool co-op class), Some Smug Slug, and The Littlest Evergreen.

Illustrator Henry Cole on @mamamissblog

Pictured above, L to R – A collection of Henry Cole Illustrated Books

row one: Little Bo: The Story of Bonnie Boadicea, Trudy, The Littlest Evergreen, Jack’s Garden, Jack and Jill’s Treehouse

row two: Unspoken: A Story From the Underground Railroad, The Sissy Duckling, One Pup’s Up, Moosetache, Wake-Up Kisses

row three: Honk!: The Story of a Prima Swanerina, On the Way to the Beach, Katy Duck, Three Hens and a Peacock, I Took a Walk

row four: The Worrywarts, Some Smug Slug, Rosie’s Roses, Moosekitos, Clara Caterpillar

row five: Princess Pigtoria And The Pea, Mooseltoe, And Tango Makes Three


Celebrate the MOOSESTACHE with a simple & hilarious Moosetache Activity - let the laughs commence! From @mamamissblog

Well, this has to be the EASIEST activity that we have done!  It’s mess-free & requires very little materials!

Originally I created this on white paper, but decided Mr. Moosetache would be even more fun hangin’ on our window, so I experimented with printing it on tracing paper – and it WORKED!!  So stoked too – now this opens up the tracing paper arena to a ton more fun!

What you’ll need for the Moosetache Activity:


How to make the Moosetache Activity:

  • Print out the fun little moose I drew on tracing paper (I cut my 9×12 paper down to 8.5×11 to fit in my printer.  Now they do have 8.5×11 tracing paper, I’m just not sure printing on it will work because it’s a different brand than I used, but it may) :)
  • Laminate Mr. Moose
  • Cut Mr. Moose out around the border with the scissors, cut out his nose holes with the craft knife, and use the hole punch to punch a hole in the top space for the suction hook.
  • Now comes the fun part – cut some craft wire in all shapes & sizes and have the kiddos go to town creating all kinds of funny Moosestache’s!

Celebrate the MOOSESTACHE with a simple & hilarious Moosetache Activity - let the laughs commence! From @mamamissblog

Celebrate the MOOSESTACHE with a simple & hilarious Moosetache Activity - let the laughs commence! From @mamamissblog

Some of the main reasons I changed up my original idea from the paper to tracing paper was because, one, it would look fun hanging in the window on translucent paper, and two, I loved the idea of keeping it up there for open ended play – I thought the kiddos would have fun changing his moosestache periodically.

Celebrate the MOOSESTACHE with a simple & hilarious Moosetache Activity - let the laughs commence! From @mamamissblog

Celebrate the MOOSESTACHE with a simple & hilarious Moosetache Activity - let the laughs commence! From @mamamissblog

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*hint hint – PERFECT for a homeschool geography project, don’t ya think?!

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  1. Oh my gosh…this is so amazingly cute! Thank you so much for being part of Booking Across the USA again this year!

  2. Oh, my goodness, I am infatuated with this Moose Mustache Lacing activity. It will certainly appeal to a kid’s sense of humor!


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