create kiddo: magnetic alphabet board

When I first started using Pinterest… this was one of the first things I pinned :)  When I first started using Pinterest… I had very few pins, and only a couple of boards, not so much now! When I first started using Pinterest… I actually completed several projects – HA!  This was one of them […]

busy bag: Pasta Bead Sequencing + Free Printable

So I figured I should probably hook ya up with an activity now that you have all this Kool-Aid dyed pasta in your arts & crafts treasure trove! This a simple busy bag activity – for the car, the restaurant, the doctor’s office, church, etc.…basically any place you need a quiet activity for the little […]

edible fun: Turtle

T is for Turtle.  An easy to make, letter learning, & fun meal for the kiddos.

busy bag: Seek-N-Find Alphabet Tube

Well, what great fun is about to be had!  Here is a great tool to learn your letters & have fun doing it!  What more could you ask for?! :) Soooooooo, I’m kind of currently obsessed with making seek-n-finds for V!  I found these AWESOME little plastic tubes at our local craft store – for […]