fancy fun: Beaded Bracelets with Pasta & Beads

So, I have another activity for ya to use with the Kool-Aid pasta, my friends.

You didn’t think I’d leave ya hanging?!

Beaded Bracelets with Pasta & Beads

V & I made these (well, she made nine & I made three…she let me in on her fun, too!)…I honestly thought she’d be bored after making one, or maybe two.  Who knew?  I guess when it comes to little misses & their jewelry – don’t stand in their way – the more bracelets, the better!  I initially laid out the 12 pipe cleaners, one of each color, so that she would have a colorful pile to choose from.  Well, let’s just say little miss V WENT.TO.TOWN.  It was like a beading frenzy…hmmmm…I see…I see…more jewelry making in my future ;)

(on a side note…this is also the perfect activity for sorting & talking about colors, V loves to do this – just pour all the beads in a bowl and have the kiddos sort the colors & shapes prior to making the bracelets – seeeee double duty, my friends – those are the kind of projects I like – fun & learning!!!!! ) (side note #2 – this helps with their motor skills too – fitting the beads on the pipe cleaners!!!)

sorting beads

So, guys & gals…this is sooooo super duper easy peasy!

And here’s whatcha need to make it happen:

  • One to (however many your little jeweler decides) pipe cleaners in various colors (for this activity the brighter colors, the better – THINK NEON!)
  • Kool-Aid dyed ziti pasta (tutorial here) – multiple colors – the more colors, the better – REMEMBER – variety IS the spice of life…hehehe!
  • Pony beads (the little plastic beads you see in my pictures) in various colors (they are easy to find in multiple color variety bags)…I got mine at Jo-Ann Fabric.
  • A container to sort the pasta beads & pony beads (the AWESOME one seen here I just got in the dollar section at Target – RUN!…but in the past, before I had such cool container, I just reused a Styrofoam egg carton – PERFECT for sorting beads!)

stringing beads

I started V off with a loop fastened at the bottom so she had an end to catch the beads as she beaded & when she got about 3/4 of the way up, I took the end of the pipe cleaner through the hole to latch them together and wove the excess through a bead.

fastening beads

I ♥ these bracelets….they look like something you’d see at Anthropologie…no?

Well, maybe not – HA!

But they are gorgeous nonetheless because little miss V made them ♥.

Beaded Bracelets with Pasta & Beads

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  1. I can’t wait until V is a little older and we can have a jewelry making camp at Grammy’s


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