fingers & toes: Flag Handprint & Song

Once again I share my obsession with you for inking up those little feet & hands and doing prints of the little ones.

You can’t really pass up any opportunity to dip them in some paint – can you?! ;)

There are simply not enough holidays for all this cuteness – so let’s do it up again for the 4th, too!

Annnnnnd…I made you a little freebie printable; it’s a song about the flag to put next to those little handprints!

It’s a handprint.  It’s a song.  It’s fun with music & crafts, yippee! :)

This is what you’ll need:

  1. the song printable, printed out on cardstock (not shown in pic)
  2. Bristol paper, watercolor paper, or heavier cardstock for the handprint
  3. red cardstock for backing (not shown in pic)
  4. red, white, blue & brown paint (I used this)
  5. stars OR glitter foam board, star shape, pen & scissors (not shown in pic)
  6. paintbrush
  7. wipes! (don’t forget these!)
  8. a cute, little left hand to paint :)

I first used separate paper, the Bristol board, for the handprint because it was a great size, 6×6.  But opted later to cut around the handprint because the white paint did not show up very well.  I also backed the cutout handprint with red cardstock to make it more three-dimensional.  The other reason I chose the separate paper to do the handprint on is because the finger paint will semi-warp the paper and that drives me mad.  You can always paint directly on the printable too.  If you do decide to do it this way make sure you print the printable out on Bristol board, watercolor paper, or a heavier cardstock.  I also intended to put star stickers on the flag, but didn’t have any around the house so I resorted to plan B :)  Using glitter foam board, I traced the stars with pen using a star shape, cut them out, and then used an adhesive dot to attach it to the print.

And here is the printable image

(click on the button for a printable PDF file):

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  1. So cute! I hope that the paint is easily removed from fingers & toes.


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