create kiddo: magnetic alphabet board

When I first started using Pinterest

this was one of the first things I pinned :) 

When I first started using Pinterest…

I had very few pins, and only a couple of boards, not so much now!

When I first started using Pinterest…

I actually completed several projects – HA! 

This was one of them :)

I painted a border on mine because I wanted it to be cleaned up a bit and look a little neater & less industrial looking.

I wanted to cover the ugly logo on the pan too :)



  • oil drip pan (found mine in the automotive section at Walmart for $10) – mine measures 25”W x 47”L
  • all-purpose cleaner
  • high gloss white spray paint
  • painter’s tape
  • double stick tape
  • 4 sets 3M Command Strips – Large
  • alphabet flash cards ( I used these
    because they had lower & uppercase letters as well as a picture to correlate with the letters)
  • magnetic letters – upper & lower case (I used these) (further note: if you can’t get these particular ones, try to get heavier duty magnet letters because the small plastic fridge ones won’t stick to the pan because of the weight of the cards)


  1. Spray the pan surface with the all-purpose cleaner to start with a clean work surface.
  2. With the board lying flat on the ground, arrange and lay out the flashcards (not securely – we are just placing them down now to determine the layout) how you want them to look on the board.  I left a large space at the top for the alphabet, or as I like to call it, alphabet soup ;) – and placed the flashcards below.  I did it this way because even with the board right above the wall base board it was still pretty high for V to reach, and I wanted her to be able to get to the card matching section on her own (it’s also great because when it is not in use the alphabet soup is out of complete reach of T & his little grabby grab hands…ummm, do you see the capital letter “P” up there?  Yeah, well, that is courtesy of T & his mouth).
  3. Mark where the cards start at the top, the bottom & each of the sides.
  4. Remove cards & set aside.
  5. Tape off the middle section with the painters tape.  Cover the inside section where the cards were laid out using the marks you just made as a guide.  By doing so you will be making a border.
  6. Have the hubs spray paint the pan, concentrating on the un-taped border.
  7. Let paint dry & have hubs spray paint a second coat.
  8. Let second coat dry.
  9. Lay out all 26 cards once again using double stick tape to secure them to the pan.
  10. Follow the package instructions on securing the 3M Command Strips to the wall and pan.
  11. Attach 3M Command Strips to the back of the pan in each corner, top, and bottom, using all 4 sets.
  12. Add magnetic letters to the board & let the kiddos go to town with letter learning :)

Adapted from here.

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