play and eat: Dry Erase Printable Placemats

Dry Erase Free Printable Placemats @mamamissblog


If you haven’t guessed already, we like eating around these parts.  And as much as my little ones like to eat in the kitchen, they like to help in the kitchen too.  So, I like to delegate responsibilities as much as possible.  One of the things that is fantastic for a toddler or preschooler to do while mama is cooking, is setting the table.  This allows independence, responsibility and accomplishment.

With that in mind, I’ve designed several placemats for printing & laminating – they are customized perfectly to fit a smaller size plate, cup, spoon, fork, & knife.

Once they are laminated they can be used with dry erase crayons or washable dry erase kids markers to learn & color.


Dry Erase Free Printable Placemats @mamamissblog


Here is a breakdown of all the fun printables & descriptions.

Alphabet Placement & Table Setting

(black & white + color versions)

♥ practice tracing letters of the alphabet

♥ coloring letters of the alphabet

♥ learning the basics of a place setting

Food Groups Placemat & Table Setting

♥ learning of the 5 food groups

♥ matching the food group words to the food group objects

♥ learning the basics of a place setting

Meal Time Placemat & Table Setting

♥ meal time place setting words

♥ personalization space to practice name spelling

♥ learning the basics of a place setting

Dry Erase Free Printable Placemats @mamamissblog


And yes, your eyes are not deceiving you – that is heart-shaped cereal you see in the pics, which I HAD TO HAVE, you know me…and my hearts ;)

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Alphabet Placemats

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  1. really cool. Great Idea.

  2. I luv the graphics but are laminated sheets hand-to-mouth safe for kids or adults for that matter? Just curious.

    • Hi Pam! Thank you :) I have not heard of anything linked to lamination sheets & contamination (even Googled it to be sure)- but if you are uncomfortable using it, laminating it is of course optional & not something you have to do. It is your choice. Remember it is a place-mat for a toddler – food is in a bowl or on the plate – not on the place-mat. So they really shouldn’t be eating off of it anyway. And if your child is anything like my two kiddos – they won’t want to – lol – they claim anything that falls outside of the plate “dirty” & won’t touch it. So “hand-to-mouth” is a moot point for these place-mats in our household :)

  3. Just thought I’d let you know I included a link to your place mats on my personal blog. Such a cute idea! Thanks for the post!

    Amy Senter

  4. HI
    I wanted to know what size the placemat is?

  5. LOVE this! Fantastic. Thanks for sharing :) (Pinned and shared on FB)

    • Thanks Debs! And thanks for sharing too :)

      xx ♥ m

      • See, I knew i loved it. I’m back.. and these are so awesome I’ve decided, If it’s ok with you, to use these as a party favour gift for my daughters alphabet birthday party in Jan (ok, yes, I’m thinking far in advance). I’ll print them out and laminate them for the kids. I would probably write up a post on the party after and would of course link back to you here. Let me know if that’s ok. :) x

      • Thanks for the comment love! Sounds AWESOME Debs!!! I would love to see the post & pics – can’t wait :):)

        xx ♥ m

  6. I love this!! I will definitely need to come back for this :) And the heart shaped cereal is cute too ;)

  7. A great resource to teach children how to set the table. It would be fun to slip these in the diaper bag to bring to restaurants that aren’t as child friendly. Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library!

  8. These placemats look great, I will be printing them today! My daughter will love them, thanks so much! Am sharing on my Facebook page too xxx


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