kiddo craft: Paper Plate Portraits

This activity is super fun to do, for you & the kiddos.  When we did this at V’s third birthday – I do believe the ADULTS had more fun than the kids (through fits of giggles – I think my brother made like five of them).  It really came down to – how silly can we be in creating these instead of making a self-portrait.  I suppose it will depend on how silly your group is…ours…we are very giggly, it doesn’t take much to get us rolling :)  Now, little miss V is not really using scissors yet, but, how amazing would this be for the kiddos to go through old magazines cutting out the pieces?!  This is definitely an activity I WILL be doing many times over!  Once again, like most of my kiddo crafts – this one is very easy & requires very few materials.


paper plates (I like the small ones for kiddo projects)

old magazines


glue (white glue and/or glue stick)


googly eyes

pipe cleaners


kool-aid dyed pasta



Start by cutting out the facial features from your old magazines to use for your portraits; eyes, nose, hair, lips, etc.  I had V help me sort each facial feature out all on separate plates on the table (great activity for sorting & recognition).  Next, add all the other materials for this project that you wish to use to the table, too.  And, that’s pretty much it!  Each kiddo gets a blank paper plate, some glue, and free rein to create!  Let the giggles commence :)

When I look at these I can see some celebrity look-alikes – hehe!

How about you, can you spot the celebrity portrait?

xx m

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  1. Really cute! My kids would love this. :)

  2. OMword! Love this! I would love for you to add this post, and any other of your ideas, to my weekly Mom’s Library Link-Up.

    Thanks and Be Blessed,

    • Thanks Julie!!! I would love to link up – I’ll try & come by later tonight. I’ve been so behind in linky parties lately, my plate has been beyond full :) Thanks for stopping by :)

      xx ♥ m

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