holiday: 5 {SUPER COOL} Things To Do With Your Kids Online To Celebrate The Holiday Season

5 things online to do with kids at Christmas {mama♥miss} ©2012

This is a list I’ve been meaning to compile FOREVER!!

Like the above title says…

these are 5 {SUPER COOL} things to do with your kids online to celebrate the holiday season!


Reindeer Cam

{Santa’s Official Reindeer Live Feed}

This is an ongoing, year round constant camera on Santa’s reindeer!!  You can even catch a glimpse of Santa certain times during the day when he comes to feed the reindeer.  This is one of V’s favorites, I wish they had this around when I was a kid!

Reindeer Cam website & facebook.


Printable Santa Stationery from Playdough to Plato

{stationery designed for every age to send to Santa at the North Pole}

With this beautifully designed, colorful stationery, your kids will have so much fun writing Santa this year.  Malia from Plato to Playdough has designed this stationery for every child in mind.  There are 3 special list; a picture list for pre-writers, a fill-in-the-blank for new writers, and a third one that includes blank lines for older readers.  This is such an awesome idea, and I LOVE the idea of one for each reading level!

Printable Santa Stationery link.

Playdough to Plato on facebook.

Portable North Pole

{send a special video message from Santa}

By putting in specifics for your child such as their name, birthdate, their Christmas wish, photo, etc., a video is produced & emailed to you to show your child.  The video is a story that takes you to the North Pole & to Santa’s workshop.  This is my absolute favorite thing to do for Christmas!  The hubs & I did it last year for V (she was a little too small to really understand – we were definitely WAY more excited than her ;)  But isn’t that what it’s all about?  The hubs & I get so excited setting up scenes for our little mischievous elf, decorating the tree with the kiddos, and things like this :)  It makes my heart full!!

If you want to see an example & die of laughter all at the same time (because I put in my name & age into the questionnaire – HA!!!)  Here’s the video I made to show you.

Portable North Pole website & facebook.


Personalized Story from

{create a personalized story for your child}

This is such a cool idea, and with books and reading as one of our top activities in this house – I can’t wait to do this with V this year!  You start off by picking one of the three stories listed.  Then, by simply filling in the specifics geared towards your child, such as age & name, etc. an electronic story is created to read with your child and you can even print it out if you would like.

Personalized Story link.


Norad Tracks Santa

{online tracking of Santa’s whereabouts on Christmas Eve}

Since 1958 NORAD has the mission of tracking Santa’s flight around the world on Christmas Eve.  You can follow along all night Christmas Eve, tracking Santa’s whereabouts around the globe.  This was really cool to do this last year to track Santa & his journey around the globe!  This one is really great for geography learning too, and will probably appeal more to an older child as well.

Norad Tracks Santa website & facebook.


Did I forget anything?

Do you have something super cool to add to my list?

Please leave a comment on more fun things you like to do with your kids for the holidays online!

xx m

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