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Daily Calendar Journal {mama♥miss} ©2013

Forever ago I pinned this idea from Design Sponge.  And I thought now is as perfect time as ever to start it, a brand new year.  The idea is to write one sentence everyday describing something about that day.  A big thing or just a little thing.  Then, every year you do the same thing as another entry for that day.  A journal of sorts, but instead of having to flip back through an actual calendar you can see right there what you did the year before on that day – kinda’ neat huh?

Well, and OF COURSE, I had to put my spin on it – with a free printable for ya ;)  “Hi!  I’m Melissa & I love designing printables for you – nice to meet you! :)”

There are three PDF’s below, each with four different months.  They are each sized at 4”Wx4.75H”, and four of them will print out on a sheet.  I printed mine out on heavy cardstock & then laminated them (remember these need to hold up for years & I imagine that some little kiddo hands might be getting into them over the years – just a prediction ;)  I also fancied up the top of each card using these scalloped scissors.  I used ruled 4×6” index cards & cut 2” off of the right side to make them 4×4” (so they would fit in my porcelain berry carton).

Supplies I used:

Daily Calendar Journal {mama♥miss} ©2013

Just click on each month range to download the PDF file…

January – April

May- August


Daily Calendar Journal {mama♥miss} ©2013

I’m keeping it in my kitchen, so that I see it everyday to prompt me to fill it out.

Are you going to do it with me?  Pretty please?!

Do you think I will keep it up?  Will you?

Let’s do it together, we can hold each other accountable & remind each other!!!

Sounds like a plan-stan :)

xx m


Terms and Conditions

The above post allows a free printable PDF download; you will need Adobe Reader to do so.

It is free to download at Adobe’s website here.

Please read here before you download any of mama♥miss’s PDF files…thanks, man!


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  1. Thank you! Love these.

  2. I’ve always wanted to journal like this! Thanks for making these cute printables!

  3. I’m in. I pinned this months ago waiting for the New Year. I have done a gratitude journal for years and I was looking for a new format this year. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Count me in! I’ll definitely be doing this with my daughter.

  5. I love this idea! I’ll do it with you and I think I’ll make a few for gifts for a few close friends and family members. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I want to do this for my pregnancy. Can I adjust the printable to say month one, month two, etc? How cute will this be for your child to see one day?

    • I could also do this for baby’s first year!!! That would be amazing way to keep track of cute things

    • Hi Sarah! Right not it’s not editable – I don’t have the proper software to do so – it’s my next big purchase (it’s a couple hundred dollars!) though – so it might be a future post. Be sure to subscribe by email to my blog & you’ll get updates when I post & be one if the first’s to see when I do :) xx

  7. Hello,
    I just send you a comments, to say that I use one picture of your post, but I quote you in my article. You can see my post on my blog : . If you want that I erase your pictures of my article, let me know. Thank you . Bye :)

  8. This is great. What a cute way to organize memories.

  9. Oh! Such a fun idea!! Thanks for the FREE (Yay!) printables! The first page I printed was crushed by my cat jumping up and “helping” me… Now instead of measuring and cutting, I can use my time to embellish the divider cards, daily cards, etc. I am going to have so much fun! (I found your post via Pinterest -maybe from OrganizeYourStuffNow?)

    • Thanks Shelly!!!! So awesome – I’m glad you can use them. I see glitter in your future ;) Thanks for finding me & leaving me some comment love!! :) :) xx ♥ m

  10. Love this idea! I so want to start one so I can see how daily life changes over the years – I think I’ll let my kids help me keep track of items too (it’s always so fun to learn what the important part of their day was).

  11. I love this! thank you for sharing! I’m totally doing this to help with my new journey with Project Life.

  12. Oh my gosh!!! I have been planning to do this exact same thing after I saw that exact same pin! I even bought some supplies for it before Christmas, but I’ve still been planning it out in my head so haven’t made any actual progress ;) I’ve been writing things down though so I’m definitely on board with you! Now I’ve got yours to inspire me, so I must get started! Love your design and colors, you rocked it!

    • hehe – great minds mama!! You & I share the same brain!! You craving coffee right now? ;) I CAN’T wait to see what you come up with – you are one talented mama!!! Thanks BTW – you are a sweetheart :)) xx ♥ m

  13. Beautiful!

  14. I have something similar pinned and I really would like to do it but I am afraid that most of my days will be lame. “Went to work” ditto ditto ditto, lol.

    • hehe yeah I hear ya! I’m hoping I kind of find at least one original moment each day that isn’t – “changed a poopy diaper” – hahaha, although, it is what it is, & although the creative juices do flow most of the time – I do believe “changed a poopy diaper” may have to be an inevitable back up ;) Thanks for stopping by Ginger & leaving my some lovely comment love!!! xx ♥ m

  15. I have seen ideas like this and have wanted to do it. I just lo e that you made it easy to start by adding the printable month cards. I am going to do this. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Thanks Jenny for reading & leaving me some comment love :) You def need to message me a pic or post on MM fb page (hint hint), I would love to see it!! xx ♥ m


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