book & craft: Snowflake Stained Glass Mobile

It has been snowing a great deal here lately, so what better way to celebrate this winter wonderland than a book and a little craft to go along with it!  We read this cute little book, Let It Snow by Maryann Cocca-Leffler.  It’s a sweet little book about winter, and a quick read for a 3 year old.  V loved it.  How do I know, let me count thy ways…we read it once, twice, four times again :)  To continue our winter adventure, we then made snowflakes.  Pretty blue hued tissue paper snowflakes.  This super-fun kid-approved project will sure be a hit with your little ones.


Snowflake Stained Glass Mobile ©2013

This is how we made them & how you can make them to go along with your winter reading too.



  • print out the snowflake printables here
  • laminate the printable (this makes it studier for hanging)
  • cut out snowflakes along outer circle with your scissors
  • using your X-ACTO knife, cut out the center grey snowflake shapes, separating the grey piece from the white circle piece
  • trace circles, 2 for each snowflake onto the paper side of your contact paper


Snowflake Stained Glass Mobile ©2013


  • cut out circles of contact paper
  • remove the backing and place 1 circle of contact paper on one side of each snowflake circle (the center snowflake design will be sticky)
  • cut different blue hues of tissue paper into several strips
  • next, cut out smaller squares of tissue paper, approximately 1/2 inch in size


Snowflake Stained Glass Mobile ©2013


  • now you are ready for the “kiddo part” :)
  • have the kiddos stick the tissue paper squares on the exposed contact paper in any fun way they want – they can stick them one by one or they dump the entire bowl on top!
  • next shake off any loose tissue paper pieces


Snowflake Stained Glass Mobile ©2013


  • seal off back to contain tissue paper squares with 2nd circle piece of contact paper
  • trim edges with scissors
  • punch holes in snowflake circles, one hole on the top & one hole on the bottom (except for the last circle – it will only get a hole punch on the top)
  • thread your twine through the circle holes making a chain, creating a mobile

Snowflake Stained Glass Mobile ©2013

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