create kiddo: DIY Tulips Upcycled Vase and Printable


Today I have for you a fun little DIY that can ultimately be for YOU or the KIDDOS!


DIY Tulips Upcycled Vase and Printable @mamamissblog #tulips #freeprintable #upcycle


Do you remember our visit to the tulip farm last month?  Well, after our trip I was inspired to recreate a vase I saw in the store, to display our beautiful tulips.  And, as you can imagine, V wanted one too…of course she did :)  So, hmmm (wheels turning)…how was I going to make her a vase, similar to mine, with faux (kid-proof) tulips?  Well, this is what I came up with, how I did it, and how you can too!


  • empty & clean baby food jar
  • sisal rope
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • six (6) green pipe-cleaners
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • printable (see below for download)


  • Following the instructions for the DIY Rope Vase here, create one using the clean baby food jar, sisal rope, & hot glue gun.
  • Cut out all tulip heads
  • Create your tulip heads


  1. For each tulip head you will need one pipe-cleaner, the four tulip heads of the same color, and your glue stick.
  2. Cover one of the four tulip pieces entirely in glue, from your glue stick.
  3. Add the second tulip piece to half of tulip piece one, leaving the other half free.
  4. Add piece number three in the same manor as number two, leaving half of it free of glue.
  5. Fold the glue free sections of pieces two & three in half, prints facing each other.
  • Add your tulip base to your tulip heads, completing the full tulip.

  1. Cover one end of your pipe-cleaner completely with glue from your glue stick and place in the center seam.
  2. Apply glue from your glue stick to piece number four, covering it completely.  Place on top of the tulip folds and center, enclosing the pipe-cleaner.
  3. Spread out, pinch, and fold tulip head pieces until symmetrical.  Add more glue if needed to seal completely.
  4. Roll up base of pipe-cleaner into a circle for easier placement in your jar.
  • Repeat all the above steps for each tulip, varying the heights of the pipe-cleaner bases for different flower heights.
  • Arrange your tulips in your completed DIY rope jar.

DIY Tulips Upcycled Vase and Printable @mamamissblog #tulips #freeprintable #upcycle

DIY Tulips Upcycled Vase and Printable @mamamissblog #tulips #freeprintable #upcycle

DIY Tulips Upcycled Vase and Printable @mamamissblog #tulips #freeprintable #upcycle


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  1. Hi!
    Found this though Pinterest and think it’s a really nice craft idea. I’ll use this tomorrow with my kids at school. Since my students don’t read so well I did a video instruction. I wonder if it’s ok to post that video on my own blog and link to your blogg for instructions and printable?

  2. Great project to do with my dementia group this afternoon.

  3. What a great “doable” project for Mother’s Day for my Sunday School class! Thanks again for a quick and fun project.

  4. Thank you for sharing your great idea. I love it. I thought it would be nice made with scrapbook paper too. Just another option. Have a wonderful day. Please keep the creative juices flowing. :)

  5. Mama miss… WOW !! What a beautiful art.
    Adorable.. i like it . thanks for sharing.
    you can visit my blog too..
    even i love to do flowers also, my Favourite art …

  6. Me encanta!! esta tarde de sábado lo hago con mis hijas.Gracias

  7. These are so great! Thanks for sharing. Definitely going to pass this on to my friends.

  8. Una idea genial. Gracias.

  9. These are so pretty, Melissa! Pinning! Thanks so much for sharing with us. :)

  10. These are beautiful! I would love for you to share these on my blog hop today!

  11. Lovely idea, Melissa! Thanks so much for sharing your free printable! I featured your printable as the Free Printable of the Day at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and on Pinterest at


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