TogetherBox – It’s the Simple Things

One of my favorite things to do with the kiddos are the simple things.  A simple craft, a simple experiment, or a simple activity.  Now just because it’s “simple” doesn’t mean it isn’t a whole lot of fun – that’s the total opposite – it’s usually unbelievably fun.  Something about the basics… they develop the mind and replenish the spirit without all the frills.

TogetherBox – It’s the Simple Things | @mamamissblog #TogetherBox #familynight #familytime #simpleandfunactivities

TogetherBox – It’s the Simple Things | @mamamissblog #TogetherBox #familynight #familytime #simpleandfunactivities

Lately I’m all about getting back to basics with a lot of stuff.  I’m simplifying our dinners (with a meal planner), I’m cleaning out the toy clutter & keeping some basic things that will encourage imagination and open-ended play, and I’m trying to turn off the electronics and get down and play with the kiddos.  TogetherBox is perfect for that – simple stuff, no crazy intensive crafts here – but that’s why it’s awesome!!  Less involvement in the making, with crazy instructions & complex materials, and more involvement in the doing, & spending time together, as a family!!!  A++

From TogetherBox:

TogetherBox was created to make family together time easy. When you sign up, everything you need to have hours of family fun will land on your doorstep every month. You’ll spend less time researching, stressing and gathering supplies and more time spending quality time with your family.

That’s why I love TogetherBox!  This fab new company on the block creating these super fun monthly boxes by mail to do as a family.  They include everything you need (even down to the tape!!) to make these experiments & activities happen.  oooooh – and thinking out loud – they would be PERFECT to bring on a family vacation – everything is included (making a mental note! ;)


So, their boxes have themes – fun huh?!  Well, they must have known, or I sent them a telepathic message – because the box they sent us was the “balloon box”… umm “hello” – “B” for balloon.  We just started back through the letter of the week last week & this week happens to be “B” week – PERFECT TIMING!!

TogetherBox – It’s the Simple Things | @mamamissblog #TogetherBox #familynight #familytime #simpleandfunactivities

TogetherBox – It’s the Simple Things | @mamamissblog #TogetherBox #familynight #familytime #simpleandfunactivities

TogetherBox – It’s the Simple Things | @mamamissblog #TogetherBox #familynight #familytime #simpleandfunactivities

The box comes with all the supplies to do 3-4 activities, all with picture illustrations on fun little flash cards.  My favorite part (it’s so very simple it seems so silly to mention it), is on the cards, they list the supplies at the top in a colored font, and then throughout the card, for the instructions, when that supply is used it is highlighted again in that colored font.  ha-ha see, so simple – but makes a huge difference to a visual learner like myself – I can take a quick gander at the card & the key supplies jump off the card at me – just BRILLANT!!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

I was even more surprised that on the very last card they offer even more activities and other ideas to do with the supplies!  We tried all but one of the activities provided in ours (saving that one for next week!!  Plus there are FOUR more suggestions on the back flashcard too!!).  Our balloon box had four activities (plus the four bonus activities):

  • balloon ninjas: Keep the ninjas happy by shooting marshmallows into their mouths!
  • balloon rockets: Rocket scientists aren’t the only ones that can build a rocket; you can too!
  • bird cage: Build a bird cage with a balloon.
  • balloon fountain: Build a balloon-powered water fountain.

And our ABSOLUTE favorite… the balloon rockets!!  The kiddos did this over & over & over again.  And even woke early the next day to do it again (aka pajama balloon rockets ;)

TogetherBox – It’s the Simple Things | @mamamissblog #TogetherBox #familynight #familytime #simpleandfunactivities

TogetherBox – It’s the Simple Things | @mamamissblog #TogetherBox #familynight #familytime #simpleandfunactivities

awww… my little animated GIF (that’s the fancy term for a bunch of pics I put together in order that makes it look like a video ;) of V&T… balloon rockets… pajama-style!

TogetherBox – It’s the Simple Things | @mamamissblog #TogetherBox #familynight #familytime #simpleandfunactivities

And I’ll say it again – such fun simple things to make and do – the kids LOVED them all!  And no fancy planning for family time – get a TogetherBox & let the fun happen!!

Plus, psssssst – my friends at TogetherBox are hooking Mama Miss readers up!

Use the code “mamamiss” at checkout & they’ll give ya $10 off your first box!

Looooove it!!

Now head on over to TogetherBox (don’t forget the coupon code!), go get yourself one of these boxes, and get down & play with your kiddos!  Put down the camera (well, maybe a couple of candid moments wouldn’t hurt – shhhhh ;), put down the cell phones, close up those laptops & have some family time together – PRONTO!! :)

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