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Lemon Blueberry Shortbread Semifreddo | @mamamissblog #semifreddo #icecream #summertreat #froyo

So, Semifreddo – what is it?!

Well, it’s created by combining ice cream and whipped cream and all sorts of different flavor combinations.

Oh yum – right?!

Well, as you may have heard in past posts – ice cream does not agree with my tummy, but my tummy says YES! to frozen yogurt (fro-yo).  Annnnd – I adore lemon – lemon on anything – lemon with EVERYTHING!  So, when I saw Lemon GREEK frozen yogurt at my local grocery store – all the pieces came together for the flavor combination I wanted to create.  Some lemon frozen yogurt, some shortbread, & some fresh blueberries for – Lemon Blueberry Shortbread Semifreddo!

yum yum yummers!

HA!  And the best thing about this Lemon Blueberry Shortbread Semifreddo?!  It sounds all fancy & looks all fancy, but it is super duper easy – I PROMISE!!

And, you can get all crazy with your own combos too – what about chocolate ice cream/fro-yo, fresh cherries & chocolate wafers – or – key lime ice cream/fro-yo, fresh cherries & graham crackers – oh my – the possibilities are endless, friends!!

Lemon Blueberry Shortbread Semifreddo | @mamamissblog #semifreddo #icecream #summertreat #froyo

Lemon Blueberry Shortbread Semifreddo | @mamamissblog #semifreddo #icecream #summertreat #froyo

Lemon Blueberry Shortbread Semifreddo | @mamamissblog #semifreddo #icecream #summertreat #froyo

Lemon Blueberry Shortbread Semifreddo | @mamamissblog #semifreddo #icecream #summertreat #froyo

Lemon Blueberry Shortbread Semifreddo | @mamamissblog #semifreddo #icecream #summertreat #froyo

Lemon Blueberry Shortbread Semifreddo

Yield: 1 loaf - approximately 10-12 serveings

A fancy sounding frozen treat that is amazingly simple to make with just a few ingredients! Change it up too - simply alter the flavor combo to create your own yummy treat!


cooking spray
8 oz whipping cream
1 tablespoon honey
1 cup fresh blueberries
15 shortbread cookies, crushed


  1. Start by softening the frozen yogurt - let stand at room temperature for 10 minutes.
  2. Prep mixing bowl by placing in freezer to chill for 7-10 minutes.
  3. Spray a 8.5 x 5 x 3-inch metal loaf pan with cooking spray. Line loaf pan with plastic wrap; Set aside.
  4. In the chilled mixing bowl, beat whipping cream and honey on medium speed with electric mixer until soft peaks form.
  5. Beat in frozen yogurt to whipped cream.
  6. Fold in blueberries and 2/3 cup of crushed shortbread cookie.
  7. Spoon mixture to plastic wrapped pan and sprinkle remainder crushed shortbread cookies on top; Press crumbs to set.
  8. Cover with plastic wrap and place in freezer for a minimum of 4 hours, or overnight.
  9. Once firm, use the plastic wrap to lift the loaf from the pan and invert the loaf onto a serving platter.
  10. Let stand for 10-15 minutes before slicing.


*ice cream can be used as well


Lemon Blueberry Shortbread Semifreddo | @mamamissblog #semifreddo #icecream #summertreat #froyo

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  1. Wow! That looks yum. My kids love frozen yogurt and don’t know the difference. Can’t wait to try it. Thank you!


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