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My favorite thing about blogging is all the virtual friendships I’ve made over the years!  These are my people, they are my tribe – and part of my smaller tribe of close bloggy friends is Malia, from Playdough to Plato.  We started our blogs around the same time & I do believe she was the very first person to comment on a blog post (well, besides my mom – I think she was the actual first – but mom doesn’t really count ;)

I adore Malia, she was the brains behind our recent collaborative Summer Camp eBook and her blog is a fantastic educational resource!  I’m hoping one of these days we can actually meet in real life – now that would be awesome!!

So, crazy thing I’ve never had a guest poster before!  I’ve guest posted plenty of times for others, but I have never had anyone over here!  So, it only makes perfect sense that my very first commenter is my very first guest poster, right?!

How to Grow Crystals in a Jar | @Playdough2Plato on @mamamissblog  #kidscience #preschoolscience

Looking for a fun kids’ science activity? Today Malia, a former kindergarten teacher, is sharing one of her boys’ favorite new experiments: Grow Crystals in a Jar! The easy kids’ science activity is a great way to teach mini Einsteins about dissolving.

>>Let’s Play!

Grab your supplies…

  • a box of Borax {you can find it in the laundry detergent aisle},
  • a clean mason jar,
  • a pipe cleaner,
  • a paper clip tied to the end of a piece of yarn,
  • and a measuring cup.

How to Grow Crystals in a Jar | @Playdough2Plato on @mamamissblog  #kidscience #preschoolscience

Help your child fill the mason jar with really warm water and then pour in 1 cup of Borax.

How to Grow Crystals in a Jar | @Playdough2Plato on @mamamissblog  #kidscience #preschoolscience

As he stirs the solution around with a spoon, point out that the Borax is dissolving in the water. You can brainstorm other things that dissolve in water like baking soda, sugar and salt. Continue adding more Borax until you see a small amount of the powder collecting at the bottom.   Next, help your child mold the pipe cleaner into his favorite shape. My son made a triangle but the sky’s the limit – your child could make a circle, heart… even a star. Then tie it to the end of his yarn.   Now it’s time to submerge the pipe cleaner in the solution and hang the paper clip on the outside of the jar to keep it from falling into the solution.

How to Grow Crystals in a Jar | @Playdough2Plato on @mamamissblog  #kidscience #preschoolscience

Place the jar in a safe spot and let it sit for a couple of days.  As the water evaporates, crystals will begin forming on the pipe cleaner.  The longer it sits, the larger the crystals become.

How to Grow Crystals in a Jar | @Playdough2Plato on @mamamissblog  #kidscience #preschoolscience

See?! I promised you it was easy!!  Now it’s your turn – Let’s Grow Crystals in a Jar!

>>Find More!

For more fun with science, walk on eggs, make an easy exploding pop rocket, and paint with magic fizzing popsicles.

THANKS Malia!!!  Love it – can’t wait to try it with V&T :)

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